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Best Bay Windows Manufacturer in Ontario

Are considering designing your new home or upgrading your older home? Windows are an integral part of any home’s overall design. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the benefits various types of windows can offer. A longtime favourite among homeowners, the bay window, offers a number of impressive benefits. You can boost your home’s appearance, value, energy savings and more by installing these multi-functional windows in your home.

Bay windows are a popular choice in kitchens, bedrooms and study rooms for their extra seating, magnificent views and for enhancing room ventilation. With their timeless design, the bay windows are an excellent choice for both modern and traditional homes in Ontario. Whether you are looking for a serene study environment, somewhere to grow your indoor plants or a comfortable place for you and your pet to relax, bay windows can give you the additional space you need.


Residential Bay Window Features

  • Can be used with casements or double hungs
  • Bay windows consist of three windows joined together with the middle one being larger (30° or 45° angle)
  • Bow windows consist of 4 or more windows of equal size joined together (10° or 15° angle)
  • Projects outwards giving you added space in your home


Benefits of Bay Windows

Improves Home Value: these versatile windows can make a great visual impression not only from the outside of the home but also from the inside the house. Outside your house, the glazed design gives the house a very sparkling and modern look. Inside your house, bay windows usually add space to any room while providing an area that is quiet and peaceful for you to enjoy studying alone or to enjoy some "me time".

Kitchen Bay Windows

Due to their size and style, bay windows help bring a lot of natural light to any room. In addition to the energy-efficiency benefits of natural light in a house, the psychological benefits are extremely important in both homes and offices. Plenty of sunlight can enhance your comfort and productivity while allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep each and every night.

Proper Ventilation: due to the fact that bay windows are a combination of multiple windows, they can be open outwards, and you can also enjoy cool and fresh breezes whenever you want.

Versatility: bay windows were previously often found in Victorian homes, but today, they can be found in almost all types of modern homes. These windows are fairly not restricted to a specific kind of space. Bay windows can, in fact, be installed in study rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and so on.

Bay Windows for sale

An amazing storage solution: around any bay window, there is a seating area that can serve as a storage space. For example, any couch with hidden compartments or any tapered bench with a spare room beneath it can be a great storage space.

For the best collection of bay windows in Ontario and the surrounding area, contact Omega Windows! Our trendy and long-lasting bay windows are designed to match any home décor.

Bay Window Costs

Cost will always be a factor when you’re considering installing new or replacement windows in your home. Evaluate your budget and find what’s right for you. Bear in mind that bay windows are normally cheaper than bow windows. They are smaller, less labor-intensive, and there are usually fewer windows involved. If you’re working on a strict budget and want the bay window style and appearance, then go for it. Bay windows are a cost-effective solution.

The actual cost of your new bay windows will depend on your home style and your individual preferences. This also includes your choice of window brand, frames, and the cost of labor.

How much do bay windows cost?

For an accurate cost estimate for your bay window installation or replacement, contact Omega Windows today. Our highly trained professionals will visit you in your home or premises in order to discuss your options with you and offer an official cost estimate.

Installing Bay Windows

Installing bay windows can be a great way to improve the appearance of your home and increase its overall value. Houses with bay windows usually feel bigger on the inside in addition to having an improved curb appeal. A warm window seat in a living room or bedroom is often considered to be an additional living space.

If you want to learn more about bay windows in Ontario, contact Omega Windows and schedule an appointment. We have a team of highly qualified window experts ready to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right window style for you. We will work with you to find the perfect fit for your house or premises and customize each detail to suit your preferences. We want your home to be as attractive, comfortable, secure and energy-efficient as possible. So, contact us today to see our line up of Bay Windows and for your FREE in-home estimate!