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Single Slider Windows

For those customers wanting a more clean, streamlined look we offer a single sliding window. With this window there is one stationary glass and 1 sliding sash which also tilts in for easy cleaning. This window is great for basements, bathrooms and larger bedroom windows. For those extra large openings where ventilation is key we offer an endvent slider. This window has 2 sashes on the ends which slide towards the middle so you can maximize the airflow in your home. Just like the double and single sliders the sash also tilt in for easy cleaning. All our sliding windows come with a triple weather seal to guarantee a perfectly sealed windows against air and water.

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Single Slider Windows Tilting Sashes

  • Sashes have tilting capabilities for easy cleaning within your home
  • Advanced interlock system provides highest quality of energy efficiency
  • Instant locking shoes allow for worry-free tilting and smooth sliding
  • Triple sealed sashes for added energy efficiency
  • Built-in drainage system allows water to quickly drain outside
  • Built-in pull tabs makes removing the screen easy
  • Easy to use tilt latches
  • Full screen for maximum ventilation (Double Slider only)

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What Are Single Slider Windows?

Single slider windows are quite similar to double hung windows. However, slider windows are designed to open sideways while the double hung windows opens vertically. Slider windows usually come in bigger sizes than typical double hung windows due to the manner in which they work. 

Here are some major benefits of single slider windows:
Low Maintenance

Slider windows usually require minimal maintenance. This is because they have virtually no moving parts. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for things to go wrong. If you get rid of any dirt in the track and ensure the slider is lubricated regularly, your slider window is sure to offer many years of service. This helps to make slider windows very durable.

Ease of Use

A well-built and properly maintained slider window is very easy to use. The window slides side by side, which is extremely effective especially if you have maintained it properly. All you need to do is to slide the pane from one side to the other.


Not only are slider windows efficient, but they are also extremely versatile. You can open them wide to bring in fresh air. 

Cost effective

These windows are not as expensive as you would imagine. Since they are simple in design, they are economical in several ways. They are reasonably priced, cost effective to maintain and they last long compared to various other types of window replacements.

So, Should You Opt For Sliding Windows?
Slider windows are a great alternative to the typical casement windows. They have many benefits, some of which will entice even the most descending individuals. However, casement windows are still very popular and for good reason. If you are concerned about heat retention in your home, then getting casement windows installed might be a more cost-effective option. At the same time, simplicity, user-friendliness and good looks make the single slider window hard to beat. As stated above, slider windows are a great match for broad windows, so consider the size of your opening before you make your choice.

At Omega Windows we offer high-quality windows that are customized to suit the customer’s preferences. You can choose between tilt-in sliders with simple swing sashes or lift-out sashes to personalize your new window installation. Our windows are specifically designed with an innovative weather-stripping system to ensure you are always comfortable, no matter how cold or hot it is out there.

Slider tilt windows are extremely popular due to their anti-swing locking system to keep the sash secure in an open position. The enhanced dual-weeping system works to direct and drain water properly from the house. The style of these slider windows ensures a smooth operation through the tracking and roller system.

Windows play a crucial role, both aesthetically and functionally. Window replacement can help make your home more beautiful and more comfortable. At Omega Windows, all of our windows are customized, not only to ensure the right fit but also to suit your preferences. We install single slider windows to improve the beauty of your home – inside and out. The windows are built to size, ensuring your trim and framing remains intact. There are also numerous colors available to match your home and suit your style.

At Omega Windows, we specialize in the installation of single slider windows, double hung windows, casement windows and other types of windows for both new construction and remodeling applications. To learn more, give us a call today!