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Energy Plus Series Windows

Energy Plus windows

Choose our Energy Plus windows and get more energy savings then ever before. With our polyurethane foam filled frames you get added energy efficiency up to 8% plus added comfort in your home. Our frames reduce cold air transfer through the frame and sash which in turn causes less condensation in your home. All our Energy Plus windows come standard with Low E² and super spacer. For ultimate performance add triple pane glass and increase your r-value to the highest levels. Unlike the competiton our triple pane units are a true 1 3/8 thick. This allows two 1/2 inch spacers which is ideal for ultimate performance and energy savings.

Installing energy efficient windows is strongly recommended because it helps to lower your monthly energy bills. In addition, energy-efficient upgrades such as windows can increase your home’s value when you finally decide to sell it.

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What are Energy Plus Windows?
Your windows have a huge impact on your property’s energy efficiency levels. Heat is lost during the winter, and heat penetrates from the outside during the summer. Energy efficient windows can help to eliminate these two effects.

Ordinary windows have just a single glass pane. With just a single pane of glass, heat is easily transferred from one side to the other. Moreover, standard windows sometimes need to be framed from conductive materials, and this is another way in which heat is lost.

When you opt for energy efficient windows from Omega Windows, you get multi-pane windows that help to reduce heat loss. Not only will you get two panes with these windows, but there will also be gas in between the two panes. This is an effective way to enhance your window’s capability to reduce heat flow since heat does not move easily through still gas. On top of that point, the framing and housing of the windows will be made from a non-conductive material and it might also feature many layers of the material to provide insulation.

To avoid heat absorption during the summer, energy efficient windows also come with a low-e coating. This clear coating of metallic oxide reflects much of the light back away from your windows.

How to get the Right Energy Plus Windows for Your Home
When it comes to choosing the best windows for your property, there’s more to it that simply opting for energy-efficient windows. There are many window designs and styles available in the market today, and choosing the best ones will normally depend on your location and the design of your property.

There are a few ways to ensure you’re buying the best energy efficient windows for your house. First of all, different windows are constructed for different climate zones. In case you choose the wrong windows, they might not function as well as you desire. When getting energy efficient windows, they must have details such as the climate zone for which they are designed. Our team of window experts can help you choose the perfect energy efficient windows for your home.

While buying the right windows is a vital part of improving your home’s energy efficiency, proper installation is a must. For your windows to function as expected, they should be installed and sealed properly. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your windows are properly installed by a professional.

The Benefits of Energy Plus Windows
Energy efficient windows can offer a number of benefits. For many homeowners, it all revolves around saving money on their heating and cooling, but there are many other great benefits you should consider.

The main benefits of upgrading your windows to energy efficient windows is the fact that you can lower your monthly utility bills. With energy efficient windows, you’re getting products that are as much as 40 percent more energy efficient than ordinary windows.

Energy Plus Triple Pane Windows
Energy efficient windows will also improve your home’s comfort. With these windows, direct sunlight will no longer be penetrating your house to heat up different surfaces. Moreover, you won’t have to endure those cold drafts during the winter months.

Energy efficient windows can also help protect your house and items like furniture. UV rays can damage things like furniture and floors. With the low-emission coating of energy efficient windows, much less UV rays can enter the house to cause unwanted damage.

Energy Efficient Windows
If you want a valuable home upgrade that will provide a return on investment, you can’t go wrong with energy efficient windows. By installing these windows in your home, you can not only save yourself money on heating and cooling, but you’re also doing your part to conserve resources and protect the environment.

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