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Casement Windows

Casement and Awning windows are becoming more and more popular in todays market due to the they’re superior energy efficiency, excellent ventilation and beauty. Our casements open a full 90 degrees which maximizes ventilation and and allows for easy cleaning from the comfort of your home. All our casements and awnings come with our multipoint locking system which provides extra security and peace of mind to our customers by locking in 2 to 4 places depending on size. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional style, with casements and awnings there are many combinations that will work for you.

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Standard Features

  • Fusion welded frame and sash for added strength
  • Energy star approved glass to meet the strictest requirements
  • Triple weather seal allows for maximum protection against air and water penetration
  • Offers unobstructed views
  • Multipoint locking system
  • Easy removable spring loaded screen
  • Stainless steel hinges and screws for a rust free window
  • Folding hardware for a clean look and less interference with blinds
  • multi chambered frame and sash for strength, energy efficiency and sound insulation

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OPTIONAL HARDWARE – Contemporary Multipoint and Cover/Handle

  • Modern and sleek profile design
  • Slim low profile design (multipoint)
  • Reduces operating force by 15%
  • Minimizes interference with window coverings
  • Smooth operation
  • Various colours available

CORNER LOCKING SYSTEM – For large casements and oversized awnings

  • Improved performance against air/water penetration
  • Adds structural strength
  • Provides extra locking points for added security
  • Designed to allow for oversized window designs
Benefits of Casement Windows
Casement windows are a major investment that offers a lot of benefits in the long run. They can increase sunlight, enhance your home’s curb appeal and even increase its resale value when you finally decide to sell your property. Here are some amazing benefits of casement windows:

Increased Security

The security of your property is of the utmost importance when choosing the right type of windows to install in your home. Casement windows are a very secure choice thanks to their locking system. The locks are hook-shaped and are built inside the frame. As a result, it is impossible to reach the locks from outside, making them a secure choice for your property.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When buying new or replacement windows, a major benefit most homeowners stand to gain is improved energy efficiency for their property. Having energy efficient windows installed in your home can reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Casement windows are an airtight option and are one of the best window options for making your home truly energy-efficient. Due to the manner in which the window seal and sash meet, a stronger leak-proof bond is created.

Increased Light

Casement windows are usually larger than ordinary windows. The increased surface area of the windows acts as an excellent source of sunlight to brighten your home. Casement windows also don’t always have materials to separate the glass panes, ensuring a better view.

Better Ventilation

Many windows with ordinary structures do not allow air to circulate freely in the home. However, casement windows have an opening that improves airflow, thereby allowing cool breeze to enter your home.

Unique Style

Casement windows will add a unique element to almost any home. There are not many other remodeling projects that can give your home such a clear upgrade in appearance

Casement Windows Replacement Costs
The cost of your new replacement casement windows will depend entirely on you, your home style and your preferences. For an accurate cost estimate, it is best to contact an Omega Windows expert who will visit your residence or property in order to give you an accurate figure.

An Omega Widows pro can visit you in your home, talk with you about your options for your window replacement needs, give details about what to expect during the window replacement process and give you an accurate price estimate. When you choose Omega Windows to install your new casement windows, a professional window installer will guide you through every step of the process, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Casement Windows prices

To get a accurate pricing please contact our locations to dicuss the correct size and features for your casement windows. At Omega Windows, we have a team of highly trained window professionals ready to answer any questions you may have in mind as well as help you with finding the best window option for your home. To get more information on Casement Windows and your free quote, get in touch with us today. You’ll be glad you did!