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Glass Technology

Glass Technology


All windows manufactured by Omega come standard with energy star approved glass and we not only meet those standards but we surpass them. Our goal is not to give you just the bare minimum of what is required but to ensure that you have the best most efficient glass for your home. We understand that our climate here in Canada can go from one extreme to another so we are here to make sure you will be comfortable in your home all year long. We offer a wide variety of glass options and combinations, whether it be a 7/8 double unit or a 1 3/8 triple we are sure we can find the right glass for you.

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LowE 180

When winter approaches our LowE 180 glass is the perfect solution. It keeps your home warmer and in return makes for a more comfortable living inside. It accomplishes this by blocking heat loss to the outside and lets the sun’s natural heat inside. By doing this it reduces your energy costs in the winter.

LowE squared

For an all weather glass that performs in the summer and winter look no further. In the hot summer days, its LowE coating blocks 63% of the sun’s heat and by not having a dark tint still allows you to see out without any haze. In the winter its design helps reflect your homes heat back inside reducing your homes natural heat loss.

LowE 366

For those customers looking to stop the heat when the temperature rises, LowE 366 is the only choice. The advanced LowE coating keeps the sun’s blistering heat out while still allowing natural light inside. Your home will stay cool and comfortable all summer long. As an added benefit to blocking the suns heat, LowE 366 also helps protect your furniture, carpets, etc. from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays which is the leading factor for fading.

LoĒ-i89 Glass (4th surface LowE)

For ultimate performance in a double pane window, Omega offers a 4th surface LowE. With a centre of glass U-factor of only 0.20 your double pane window now performs like a triple pane without all the extra costs. When i89 is paired with any one of our LowE’s it not only meets strict building codes for energy efficiency it surpasses them. An added bonus, i89 is easy to clean and more importantly does not block your view with any tinting or hazing.

Triple Pane

With triple pane glass you get the most energy efficient glass on the market. The extra layer of glass not only increases your windows U and R ratings it also increase sound dampening. Our triple pane units are a true 1 3/8 thick which allows for two 1/2 spacers which is the ideal thickness for maximum performance and energy efficiency. There are many LowE combinations you can do with triple glass and all of them will get you the highest levels you are looking for.


At Omega our spacer is ideal for thermal performance and strength.
Key Features:

  • optimized energy savings
  • Excellent condensation and mold resistance
  • Superior Argon gas retention
  • Lower U-Vaule
  • Allows for high desiccant content to absorb moisture at faster levels
  • Extreme durability against harsh climates resulting in longer lasting windows