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Single Hung

For those customers looking for a traditional window with and modern design we offer our single hungs. With it’s flat smooth profile you get the best of both worlds. Just like the double hung they are coil balanced for an effortless operation and the sash tilts in for easy cleaning. Unlike the double hung the single has 1 operating sash, and the top panel is fixed. This allows for clean lines that you would expect from a modern look while at the same time boosts your energy ratings due to the fact there is only 1 operable sash. All our single hung windows come with the same weather seal design as our double hung windows so you can rest assured your windows are perfectly sealed against the elements.

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Standard Features

  • Sashes have tilting capabilities for easy cleaning within your home
  • Advanced interlock system provides highest quality of energy efficiency
  • Instant locking shoes allow for worry-free tilting and smooth sliding
  • Triple sealed sashes for added energy efficiency
  • Built-in drainage system allows water to quickly drain outside
  • Built-in pull tabs makes removing the screen easy
  • Easy to use tilt latches
  • Full screen for maximum ventilation (Double Hung only)
  • Self-lubricating spiral balances help create a smooth easy moving sash

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Benefits of Single Hung Windows

If you’re considering replacing your windows, single hung windows are an excellent option and offer a number of key benefits:

Enhanced security: since single-hung windows open only on one direction, this ensures better security for homeowners. These windows are opened only on the downward part, meaning there are fewer points of failure. The bottom sashes can be locked typically in a closed point to enhance safety and security.

Energy efficiency

Installing single hung replacement windows also improves the energy efficiency of your property, as new windows feature advanced technology, including energy-efficient frame, glass, and insulation. Since less air can penetrate through the window, you’ll be able to save some money each year on heating and cooling. Installing single hung windows can also prevent the release of moisture into your home and hence, lowering the risk of water damage, mold and mildew growth.

Saving space

Single hung windows are ideal for smaller rooms (such as guest rooms, bathrooms and study rooms) as well as high traffic areas such as entry ways and hallways. Since these windows open vertically rather than opening outward, they are perfect for tight spaces in homes and allow extra daylight and cross breezes in without compromising on space.


Although single hung windows are a basic type with just a single moving sash, they offer numerous options in terms of style, shape, trim, wood and finishing. With your choice of trim, wood and finishing, you will be able to ensure your windows match the architectural and visual appearance of your home or premises.

Ease of use

Single hung windows are extremely easy to operate or use. Unlike other window types which are opened in certain ways, single hung windows are opened upwards. The bottom sash slides upwards while the top sash is stationary. 

Single Hung Window Costs
The best thing about installing single hung windows is their cost. The average cost of single hung windows is less than installing any other type of window.

The cost of your new single-hung windows will depend on your home and your style preferences. This includes your choice of window frames, window brand and labor costs.

Compare Single Hung Window Prices
When comparing the costs, bear in mind that each material and style of window will vary in cost. For an official cost estimate for your window replacement, you will need to contact us at Omega Windows. Our window replacement and window installation experts will visit your home or business in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.
What Home Style Is Ideal for Single Hung Windows?
Single hung windows are ideal for virtually any traditional home, including cottages, tudors, farmhouses, ranch homes, craftsman homes, colonials, victorians and cape cods. Depending on your home style, single hung windows have the potential to completely transform your home’s curb appeal and increase its overall resale value.

Hopefully, this post detailing everything you need to know about single hung windows has helped you out. It can be difficult when you are new and unfamiliar with all the choices available out there, each with its own unique benefits to bring to the table.

Installing Single Hung Windows
Even with the numerous window types for home, it becomes a lot easier to choose when you discover the attributes that need prioritizing. Please contact us today if you need help choosing the best window style for your home. Our experts are always glad to help you choose the most suitable single hung windows for your home.