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Best Double Slider Windows Manufacturer In Ontario

Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows can be an excellent choice for almost any home because you can open the window from either side. Omega Windows offers and installs double slider windows, giving homeowners lots of options for their new construction or for their existing homes.
At Omega our sliding windows offers you a more affordable energy efficient option rather then casements/awnings. Sliding windows are a great option for those customers looking for great ventilation, effortless operation, and practicality. With our double sliders both sashes slide horizontally and tilt which means you can maximize the air flow, which is great for large or small rooms in your home. When it comes time to cleaning it doesn’t get any easier. Thanks to our locking shoe design just tilt the sashes inward and your able to clean the inside and outer layer of glass which means no more ladders and hoses trying to spray the windows clean.

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Double Single Slider

For those customers wanting a more clean, streamlined look we offer a single sliding window. With this window there is one stationary glass and 1 sliding sash which also tilts in for easy cleaning. This window is great for basements, bathrooms and larger bedroom windows. For those extra large openings where ventilation is key we offer an endvent slider. This window has 2 sashes on the ends which slide towards the middle so you can maximize the airflow in your home. Just like the double and single sliders the sash also tilt in for easy cleaning. All our sliding windows come with a triple weather seal to guarantee a perfectly sealed windows against air and water.

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Standard Features

  • Fusion welded frame and sash for added strength
  • Heavy duty cam locks for security
  • Energy star approved glass to meet the strictest requirements
  • Multi chambered frame and sash for strength, energy efficiency and sound insulation
  • Premium interlocking design to keep air and water out
  • Exterior drain flaps that keep dirt and bugs out
  • Tilting sashes for easy cleaning
  • Full screen to keep dirt and bugs out (half screen on single sliders)
  • Triple weather seal preventing air and water leakage





What Exactly Are Double Slider Windows?
Double slider windows are very popular today due to their beauty, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. They are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and small spaces in the home. These windows are a great choice where a horizontal slider is preferred but where much more ventilation is necessary than a single slider window can provide.

A double slider window features two sliding sashes, which allow you to open it from either side. This makes them more effective than single slider windows.

Omega Windows offers different types of replacement windows, including high quality double sliding windows that are customized to suit the customer’s home style and preferences. Basic in design, double sliding windows match perfectly well with other windows in the home and are custom-built to fit a specific space perfectly well.

Compared to double-hung windows, double sliding windows might be more convenient because the size of these windows is normally bigger and it’s much easier to slide the window sideways.

At Omega Windows, we provide a wide variety of window replacement products in different colors. You can also choose a custom-built window that matches a specific color so as to complement your existing home style and décor.

Benefits of Double Slider Windows
Here are some important benefits of a double sliding window:

  • Ease of operation
  • Increased ventilation

Closing and opening a double slider window is very easy, particularly when compared to other types of replacement windows. The elderly and young children should also be able to slide the window to either side without any problems. It is also easy to clean and maintain these windows because they can be removed from the frame if need be.

Double slider windows come in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, they can be custom-built to suit your exact needs. Even if the space is limited, you can have smaller double slider windows installed in your home. The small windows are mainly preferred for functionality more than visual appearance.

These windows also open completely, bringing fresh air into your home. Opening just a few windows can allow most of the air to get in and out of your house in just a matter of moments.

When it’s time for cleaning, simply tilt the double slider windows open for easy access to both the interior and exterior of the glass.

Replacement Double Slider Windows Cost
The cost of these slider windows will depend on you and your home style preferences. For an official estimate, it is best to contact an Omega Windows expert who will visit your residence or premises in order to provide an accurate estimate.
What Home Style Is Ideal for Double Slider Windows?
Double slider windows are ideal for many homes styles, including Tudor, prairie, art deco, ranch or mid century modern homes. Based on the style of your property, our team of experts can customize your double slider windows with grid and hardware options.

Generally installed in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, double slider windows are an excellent choice for those who prefer a horizontally sliding window without compromising on ventilation. Since they are also very easy to use, they are extremely popular among Ontario homeowners.

How Omega Windows Can Help: Installation has a huge impact on the functionality and longevity of your windows. For that reason, you should hire a reliable contractor who has a proven track record of effective installations. Our replacement windows are designed to suit your home style and personal preferences. We combine the latest technology with the best materials for flawless and durable finishes that will stand the test of time.

Installing Double Slider Windows
When you choose Omega Windows to install your new double slider windows, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. This is because we have a team of highly qualified and experienced window installers who take pride in their work. We will ensure a great fit and strong seal for your Double Slider Window replacement so you can enjoy maximum benefits from your new home improvement project. So don’t hesitate anyone more! Give us a call today to talk with an expert about your window needs.