Weather Scarborough ON

Scarborough shares the same weather as Toronto. The suburb is close enough to Lake Ontario to have its continental climate tempered by Lake Ontario. That means there are no extreme temperature variations in the region. Winters are never too cold nor are summers too hot. Scarborough’s moderate temperatures, however, feature a lot of humidity since it sits in Toronto’s pocket of humid continental climate, according to the Koppen climate classification. So if you’re looking into making a permanent move into near Scarborough Ontario, make sure the house you’re moving into has a reliable climate control unit. It will help in keeping mild spores and other irritants from building up and causing bouts of sneezing.

Also, you’ll want to make sure the house comes with the right kind of flooring. Carpeted floors tend to trap moisture. In humid areas like Scarborough, that’s a double-whammy of humidity woes. Carpets increase the humidity of the home and attract dust mites leading to even more sneezing and allergic reactions. To put things into perspective, allergies as a result of house dust mites and mold spores account for as much as 50% of rhinitis, an allergic condition prevalent in the Toronto area.

While Scarborough’s humidity might make some folks uncomfortable, the area enjoys relatively warm summers compared to other Toronto areas. That doesn’t mean winters aren’t severe though. Between December and March, Scarborough receives a considerable amount of snowfall with about 1 centimeter of snow on an average day. That’s great for winter sports such as public skating and playing hockey in a park, but it’s not the best news for residents looking to explore Scarborough’s magnificent natural scenery.

The location of several factories around Lake Ontario also affects the weather in Scarborough. The factories are responsible for the smog that is becoming something of a problem in the area. Fog blowing from the U.S adds to the problem, especially in summer months. The air quality in Toronto and Scarborough drops significantly, with both regions enjoying about 50 days of moderate air quality and two days of poor air quality. The decreasing air quality led to the closure of the last coal-powered factory in Ontario, which went a long way in improving the air quality.

While it’s not too smoggy, Scarborough has sunny summer days with moderate temperatures. That’s the best time to hit the nature trails around the neighborhood and explore all the natural sceneries it has to offer. When going out for a hike, or even when enjoying a long summer day at one of the parks in Scarborough, stay hydrated though. Temperatures can get as high as 56 degrees Fahrenheit in June.