Weather North York, ON

The weather in North York, ON varies throughout the year. The area experiences all the four seasons where the warmest month are experienced during the summer and the coldest are encountered during the winter. The winters months are not wet but are very cold (freezing). For most of the time, North York experience high cloud cover.  On the cold days, the temperature doesn’t go beyond -1 degrees and on the warm months the temperature never goes beyond 87 ˚ F.  Between June and early September is the best period to visit North York, ON.


In general, Canada is a cold nation, and North York On is no different. North York, ON experience warm weather for less than four months, while the rest of the rear is cold. The month that experiences the highest temperature is the month of July with the temperature being recorded at around 79 degrees! The coldest season lasts between December and March. IN January, North York experience the coldest days with temperatures reaching lows of 16 degrees. On a day to day basis, the highest temperatures are recorded between noon and 4 pm.


Rainfall is not experienced throughout the year, but there are months which experience high rain than others.  Most of the time in the year the North York, ON, experience rainfall, it is approximated that they experience rainfall about 11 months. When you consider rainfall average on a day to day basis throughout the year, rainfall statistical data says that on September 24th has the highest rainfall amount. The lowest rainfall is recorded around 27th January. The accumulated annual rainfall in a year is high, though not destructive.


For sunlight in North York, ON there are days and nights that are longer while others are shorter. To be more specific, the days and night are not of equal length throughout the year. 21st December is approximated to be one of the shortest days as daylight lasts for around 8 hours and 55minutes. 21st June, on the other hand, is said to be the longest day with daylight lasting around for about 15 hours and 5 minutes. The earliest sunrise comes around mid-June at 5.45 am while the latest sunset comes towards the end of June at 9.03 pm.


The wind varies from month to month in direction and the speed. In North York, ON the fastest recorded speed of the wind is approximately 14.5 miles per second. Strong winds are experienced for about six months while the remaining six months are calm. The average speed of the wind experienced in the area is about 12.2 miles per second.