Weather Markham ON

Markham has a cold and temperate climate. You can be sure of a substantial amount of rainfall, even on the driest months in the city. The city gets about 900 mm of rain every year. The Koppen-Geiger climate classification system demarks the city as having a humid continental climate. That means temperatures here are a bit higher than in other cities. The hottest months, between April and July, see temperatures going as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other end of the spectrum, during the cold months, mostly between December and February, temperatures plummet to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not the coldest city in the world, but there are times when freaky winter weather sees sub-zero temperatures.

February is the driest month, getting an average of 36 mm of rainfall. The same month also sees the largest amount of snowfall. June sees the most amount of rainfall, averaging 102 mm every year. Therefore, if you’re planning a holiday visit to the city, you might want to make the trip before the rainy season begins. The city experiences a significant amount of rainfall between June and October, just before the start of winter. The ideal time to visit Markham, especially for vacationers is between the months of March and May. During these months, temperatures are not too hot or too cold. You get to do everything you’d want to do and visit all the attractions without the weather getting in your way.

That doesn’t mean winter months are any less fun in the city. All that snowfall makes skating a popular fun activity here. The Civic Center skating ring is usually crowded between December and February. You also have folks celebrating winter at the WinterRogue or walking around the Toogood Pond Park. All these outdoor activities enjoy relatively temperate conditions and you get away without a jacket while walking around the town.

If you’re thinking of getting a house here though, make sure it comes with an effective climate control system. Most hotels in the area realized that using separate climate control systems for different rooms saves on utility bills. You may also want to go the same route not only to cut down on your utility bills but also get the convenience of fine-tuning temperatures in different rooms. One thing is for sure though. Markham is a lot cooler than nearby Toronto, so heat waves and the discomfort of long hot summer days are never a problem here.