Weather in Uxbridge, ON

Uxbridge, ON has become of the fastest growing commuter towns in Ontario, thanks to its many amenities like schools, parks, and hospitals, affordable family-friendly neighborhoods with a high livability score, and the beautiful weather.

While summers in Uxbridge Ontario Township are quite comfortable with respect to weather conditions, winters tend to be windy, extremely cold (freezing) and like most of Canada, snowy. The temperatures vary from lows of 10°F to highs of 77°F throughout the year in the area and only on very rare occasions do you find the temperature exceeding 85°F or going below -8°F. The Township experiences partial clouds cloudy all year long.


Uxbridge and its immediate neighbors experience warm weather for at least three and a half months between end May and mid-September. This period has a day to day average temperature of 68°F.  20th July has the highest recorded values with its temperatures averaging between 60°F and 77°F.

The cold weather lasts for at least 3 months in the period between early December and mid-March. The recorded average high temperature on a day to day basis is below 36°F. 29th January has the smallest recorded values with the averages being between 10°F and 25°F.


Average cloud cover in the Township varies significantly depending on the season/time of the year. The sky is almost completely clear starting from end May to end October with the sky being fully clear during August and September. August 10 is considered the clearest day. Clouds dominate the period between the end of October and the end of May. January 10 is considered the cloudiest day.


Just like the clouds, Uxbridge experiences monthly rainfall variation depending on the season. Serious rainfall lasts between early March and late December with the highest rainfall coming within the 31 days surrounding 24th September. The total accumulation during this period is averaged at 2.0 inches. There is no significant rain between late December and early March with the least recorded rainfall coming in 28th January at 0.3 inches of average accumulation.


Uxbridge experiences the highest snowfall in the period between the start of November and somewhere past mid-April while snow is least between mid-April and end October.


Uxbridge experiences varied lengths of days and nights throughout the year. Recent data shows that the shortest day lasts around 8 hours, 52 minutes and is somewhere towards the end of December while the longest day lasts around 15 and a half hours and is somewhere towards end June.

According to tourism-based research, the period from early June to mid-September has the warmest weather hence making it the best period to visit Uxbridge, ON.