Shopping in Whitby, ON

Everyone loves shopping and it quite impossible to live without going shopping every now and then. Whitby Ontario town boasts of being home to a wide and ever-growing list of retail and wholesale stores, shopping complexes, malls, boutiques, farmers markets, grocery stores, and many other shopping facilities which offer the locals a chance to feel the beauty of contemporary shopping when buying things like electronic gadgets, clothes and other. The main shopping destination in Whitby, Oshawa Centre, is ironical outside the town and inside the neighboring city of Oshawa. This gigantic mall happens to be one of Canada’s largest shopping malls and the largest mall in the Durham region.

Oshawa Centre

The great Oshawa Centre mall commenced as a small unenclosed shopping complex made up of around 28 stores. How this small shopping mall came to be a multi-million dollar super-regional mall which has earned the reputation of being the nation’s most elegant shopping center is simply amazing. Throughout its transformation path, the mall has had to undergo major renovations and expansion projects with the last major expansion which started in 2013 having been split into two phases.

The initial phase which started in 2013 was planned to use over two hundred million dollars to facilitation the addition of around 60 new retail stores, a modernized food court, and two casual restaurants. Other parts that were improved during this phase which came to a an end in 2016 included ceilings, all entrances, lighting, tiling and the construction of a brand new parking area on Oshawa Centre’s eastern side. The second phase commenced in 2017 and included the addition of around 70 new stores and rehabilitation of the existing food court.

Currently, Oshawa Centre is a prestigious super-regional mall that acts as the fashion center, and most importantly, an outstanding entertainment hub for the Durham region and several other nearby communities. With its 250 plus retail stores that offer both goods and services, Oshawa Centre is a solid destination where affordability is key.

Other major shopping destinations in the area include the famous Queens Common Shopping Centre on Dundas Street, Kendalwood Park Plaza also on Dundas Street, buybuy BABY on  Victoria Street, SmartCentres Whitby Northeast on Taunton Road, Whitby Entertainment Centrum on Consumers Drive, Bliss Bridal Boutique on Sawdon Drive, and of course the famous Inspired by You clothing store on Athol Street. All these shopping destinations promise quality services, pocket-friendly prices, and a fun shopping experience for everyone.