Shopping in Oshawa ON

Everyone likes to go shopping every now and then and it almost impossible to live without shopping. Oshawa city boasts of being home to a wide and ever-growing list of retail stores, malls, shopping complexes, boutiques, grocery stores, farmers markets and more. These facilities offer both the locals and visitors a chance to experience the beauty of modern shopping when buying things like gadgets, electronics, clothes and other stuff that they offer. The main shopping destination in area of Oshawa ON is the famous Oshawa Centre which happens to be one of the country’s largest shopping malls.

Oshawa Centre

The magnificent Oshawa Centre shopping mall started out as a small unenclosed shopping plaza in 1956. The plaza was made up of 28 stores. How this small shopping plaza came to be a multi-million dollar project which has gained the popularity of being the nation’s most astounding shopping center is nothing short of Amazing. Throughout its transformative path to its current stature, Oshawa Centre has undergone major renovations and redesigning projects with the last major project coming within the last decade. This expansion was split into two phases.

The first phase which commenced in 2013 was budgeted to use up to two hundred and thirty million dollars. The project saw the addition of over 50 new retail spaces, a food court with a 1000 seat capacity, and two major restaurants. Other parts that were upgraded during this phase which was completed in 2016 included all entrances, ceilings, tiling, lighting, and the addition of a new parking area on the mall’s eastern side which has a capacity of 250. The parking offers easy access to the only gym in the facility-Goodlife Fitness and the newly constructed food court. 2017 saw the commencement of the second phase which was also the last phase of the redevelopment. This included a stream of new stores and restoration of the existing food court.

Currently, Oshawa Centre mall is a renowned super-regional shopping center which serves as the center for services, fashion, and most importantly, an important entertainment hub for the entire Durham region and other nearby communities. With its 250 plus retail stores, Oshawa Centre is a reliable destination for all your shopping needs and offers a great shopping adventure where affordability is key.

Other major shopping destinations in the area include Sephora cosmetic shop at 419 King Street, Party City on Taunton Road, Plato’s Closet – Oshawa branch in Kingsway Village, Kingsway Village Shopping Ctr, Midtown Mall, SmartCentres Oshawa South, SmartCentres Oshawa North at 1471 Harmony Road, and Value Village on Ritson Road among others. All these tore offer quality services, unbeatable prices, and a fun shopping experience for everyone.