Shopping in Aurora ON

Aurora is not only popular for its great downtown area and the rural-like atmosphere but also for being a major shopping hub. The town attracts hundreds of shoppers from within and beyond its jurisdiction every day. If you live near Aurora Ontario and you wish to do some great shopping without having to travel all the way to Toronto, here are some few local shopping destinations that you should look into:

Aurora Shopping Centre

Located at 14800 Yonge Street in the scenic Aurora Town, Aurora Shopping Centre is one of the leading shopping destinations in town despite its haphazard opening and closing time plan. The store offers a wide variety of products ranging from a great selection of shoes and clothes all the way to food, clothes and other products. The store features a bike shop which has a remarkable collection of bikes on sale plus some of the big players in the local restaurant industry run a food court within the this Mall. It is a perfect shopping destination for all your shopping needs especially when you need something specific.

SmartCentres Aurora North

This is a magnificent 24-hour mall located at 135 First Commerce Drive in Aurora. Being the largest shopping plaza in town, SmartCentres Aurora North attracts thousands of local and visiting shoppers through the year. This mall offers virtually anything you’d think to look for in a mall. For the simple common stuff the more technologically advanced stuff, this is your place. There are numerous big box stores and smaller stores including BestBuy and Wal-Mart, several restaurants and numerous services shops including contemporary salons, and electronic repair shops. Away from the products, the mall is known to offer some unbeatable prices for all their products and services and the services are prompt and professional. If you’re the kind of person who prefers buying all your stuff at the convenience of one location, this SmartCentres has got you covered.

Aurora Village Plaza

Moving on, Aurora Village Plaza is another top-rated shopping center in the town of Aurora. This ultramodern shopping plaza is located at 1 Henderson Drive and is known for its vast number of smaller stores offering distinct services and products at affordable prices. You can shop, visit an onsite salon/spa for that massage you’ve been craving all week and later grab some lunch in one of the Mall’s restaurants all without having to walk around town looking for the perfect place. Aurora Village Plaza brings the convenience of shopping to a whole new level.