Shopping Centers Scarborough ON

To keep the more than 600,000 residents satisfied Scarborough offers lots of modern amenities. Shopping centers and malls are some of the best-established and developed amenities in the bustling metropolis. There are tons of stores, malls, and shopping stores stocked with almost everything you’d need during your stay in the suburb. Whether you’re looking for luxury items or ordinary household items, there’s a store a few minutes away stocked with what you want. Here are some shopping centers and shops worth checking out in Toronto’s east-end near Scarborough ON.

Scarborough Town Center

Scarborough Town Center is the heart of the eastern part of Toronto. Located along 300 Borough Drive on Highway 401, the center has more than 250 shops, movie theaters, and 1.6 million square feet of retail space. It was ranked in Canada’s top 20 best shopping centers. Every year, more than 22 million shoppers come to Scarborough Town Center, which generates more than $500 million in yearly retail sales. The STC houses leading fashion brands such as Aritzia, Michael Kors, H&M and Sephora. There’s plenty of parking space, but it does tend to get crowded. You might miss out on a parking space if you get there during peak hours. While shopping around, there are tons of restaurants and food courts. The STC recently got a facelift, to bring it to modern standards. There are plenty of things to keep kids occupied should they decide to tag along.

Eglinton Square Shopping Center

Although not as large as the STC, Eglinton Square Shopping Center is another favorite local shopping complex. The mall has lots of malls including Shoppers, Stitches, Dollarama, The Bay and Trade Secrets. If you’re looking to grab something quickly and avoid the traffic in other large malls, Eglinton Square is your best choice. There’s a food court has tons of restaurants such as McDs, Wyatts Restaurant, Manchuwok, Teriyaki, and Tim Hortons serving local and exotic cuisines. Seniors prefer coming here because of the low traffic and the tranquil atmosphere.

Chartwell Shopping Center

Chartwell Shopping Center is another small shopping mall on 2301 Brimley Road. The shopping center is a favorite spot for folks looking for groceries or the delicious takeout from Queen’s Kitchen. It is also an excellent place for family dinners. There’s also a bakery at the shopping center, and although it has a small selection of treats, that are usually pricey, you won’t regret your purchase. You can also have your hair and nails done at the salon.