Salons Markham ON

Looking for the perfect place for skin care, manicures, pedicures, and haircuts? Markham On is full of salons offering just about any service to keep you looking gorgeous. You can’t walk up to any salon and expect to come out looking glamorous though. Depending on the experience and abilities of the staff, you’ll get different results. You might like some, and you might hate some. Rather than playing roulette with your look, here’s a list of some of the best salons in Markham. You’ll never regret getting your hair or nails done here.

God Hands Hair Salon

With a name like God Hands Hair Salon, you expect nothing but divine care when you step into this establishment. You won’t be disappointed. God Hands Hair Salon, located in Unionville, is not only accessible, but it is also one of the most popular hair salons in Markham. The hairdressers here know their way around hair clippers. Even for folks with commitment issues with hairdressers, once they get their hair done at God Hands, they never leave. They specialize in bobs, weaves, curls, cuts, coloring, and just about anything that involves styling hair. You get complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking space and gender-neutral restrooms should your significant other decide to accompany you to the salon.

Chin Generation

Chin Generation is a family salon on Markham’s Steeles Avenue. Caring for kids, men, and women, Chin Generation is a favorite among locals looking for the convenience of a stylish haircut. Stylists at the salon not only pay attention to what you want, but they also give you suggestions that always turn out great. Regulars of Chin Generation will tell you the hairdressers have a sixth sense for styling hair. If you’re not impressed so far, wait for the hair massage. You’ll be making all sorts of excuses to visit Chin Generation after the massage. It is that good. There’s a convenient garage parking area, a bike parking area, and gender-neutral restrooms. You have to make an appointment to though.

Mod Studio Hair Design

One of the oldest salons on Highway 7, Mod Studio Hair Design manages to hold on to its clients in an increasingly competitive market by offering the best services at an unbeatable price. The stylists, while specializing in perms and coloring, give an impeccable haircut. They remember the idiosyncrasies of each of their client’s hair so that you don’t have to explain to them the oddities every time you go for a cut. You also get all the amenities you’d expect including complimentary Wi-Fi and ample parking. The salon is not wheelchair accessible though.