Salons in Uxbridge, ON

Solons have become mainstream facilities for both men and women in contemporary society and are viewed as a simple way of rewarding oneself for the hard work and sacrifices we make in our day to day life. Solons also help us look at our best and raise our confidence which is very critical. Uxbridge ON is a small Township community with some great features that can only be found in big towns and cities and among them are its modern salons. Below is a list of the most loved Salon and spas in Uxbridge, ON and what they have to offer:

Nature’s Accolade Salon & Spa

This is a full-service salon and spa that has a very homey atmosphere and is located in a laid back area at 159 Main Street North. Being in the heart of the townships downtown area, the salon caters to all kinds of clients from within and outside the city and it one of the few salons that have a perfect 5-star online rating on Google. The salon offers all forms of hair related services, pedicure& and manicure, massages, and more. The salon is open between 9 am to 7 pm all week long except on Sundays and national holidays.

Mondo Hair Salon

Also located in the heart of Uxbridge Township, Mondo Hair Salon is another five-star rated salon that offers only hair related services including braiding, coloring, shampooing, haircuts, scalp massages, and more. The salon serves men, women, and kids and their services are impeccably good at the very least. Locate at 30 Brock Street West, Mondo Hair Salon opens from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Details Hair Salon

This another top-of-the-line salon in Uxbridge that specializes in all hair related services and serves all kind of client from kids to adults. The salon has a perfect Google rating and is located at 8 Church Street in the heart of the Town. The salon operates all week long and is housed in a low-key building with very beautiful interior decor and modern furniture.

V.I.P nails & spa

If you are in Uxbridge and looking for the perfect place to get your nails done by a professional in an artistic and creative way, V.I.P nails & spa on Brock Street is the place to go. They offer great services and prices and their service variety is very exciting.

Others top beauty salons and span in Uxbridge, ON include Artistic Hair Stop, First Choice Haircutters, Alterna Hair & Esthetics, Twins Nails & Spa Uxbridge, Lucky Nail Studio, Snippets Hair Studio, Elegant Images, and Ash’s Lashes And Esthetics.