Salons in Aurora ON

Taking good care of our bodies is the best way to thank ourselves for the hard work and sacrifices we’ve had to go through to get where we are and salons and spas are here to help us do exactly that. Below is a list of top salons and Spas in area of Aurora ON.

Rocco Picheca Salon

This is a beauty salon located at 15387 Yonge Street that runs from 8 am to 6 pm weekly but closes at 8 pm on Friday. This salon has been running for more than ten years with excellent services and professional stylists. The owner of the salon is a great asset as he is the best stylist in town. The salon offers personalized services and the charges are very friendly. The atmosphere surrounding the salon is cool and the place is always clean.


This is a contemporary beauty salon located at 14993 Yonge Street and is well known for its excellent services and polite staff. The salon opens at 8 am and closes at around 6 pm and has been running for over 25 years now and still serving their locals. The immense experience and great equipment available at Hairomatics make it one of the top hair salons in town. They offer a full range of services which are tailored according to your desire and needs. While in search of a new hairstyle, they can really help out. They have comfortable seats and excellent interior decor making the place feel so up-scale.

Zeeba Salon & Spa

This is a contemporary hair salon and spa located at 14961 Yonge Street that runs from 10 am to 6 pm. This modern gem is known for its high-quality threading and eyelash technology. They offer top quality services all at affordable prices. They do facial, makeup, manicure and pedicure and other sophisticated services all in one very cozy establishment with the well-decorated interior. They have very dedicated staff members who ensure the place is always elegant and friendly. The hair stylists are very professionals and knowledgeable and their work is exceptional.

Allure Spa For Hair and Esthetics

Located at 5 Tyler Street, Allure Spa is a modern hair salon with a ton of esthetics at hand. They begin their daily operations at 9:30 am and end them at 7 pm. The front desk has a very well-spoken lady who makes you feel welcome the moment you step into the building. The quality of services offered at Allure Spa is exceptional and the atmosphere is very welcoming for any client in search of high-quality beauty services and affordable prices.