Salons and spas in Stouffville ON

If you’re looking for the best Stouffville, ON salons and spas, the variety and diversity will surprise you. These Stouffville body care specialists are by far some of the best in the business. They are both experienced and dedicated to providing quality services in their different areas of specialization be it the best hair styling, massage, waxing, pedicure or manicure. They use modern techniques and quality products to deliver outstanding results based on the customer’s needs. Below are the top salons in near Stouffville Ontario.

Headlines Salon

Headlines Salon which is located at 6328 Main Street is one of the most popular hair salons in Stouffville, ON based on Google and other reviews. This luxurious salon is all about contemporary and fashionable hair styling and trendy haircuts. Here, you can come expecting to go back home looking exactly if not better than you had imagined. The salon offers a wide selection of hair styling and coloring options at an affordable rate.

Sue’s Salon and Spa

Located at 28 Sandiford Dr #5, Sue’s Salon and Spa is a coveted beauty and body care enclave in Stouffville, ON. The salon offers a wide selection of deluxe salon services including haircuts, hair styling, pedicure & manicure, and messages among others. They also offer a customer satisfaction service where you can get a repeat service free of charge if you are not pleased with the initial results. Sue’s Salon and Spa offers different packages and their prices are very customer friendly.

Great Clips

1076 Hoover Park Dr #3 in the urban Stouffville community is yet another accomplished hair salon under the name Great Clips. The salon offers top-of-the-line haircuts and professional styling for both adults and children. Great Clips salon is popular for its quality services as well as the high-end products and on sale. They specialize in bringing the best out of you through hair styling and emphasize on healthy hair trends. Great Clips is simply incredible, to say the least.

Fame International Salon & Spa

Located at Stouffville Plaza, 5892 Main Street, Fame International Salon & Spa is a popular salon and spa offering full range services to accommodate all clients.  The facility has a contemporary atmosphere and a unique ambiance the gives off a relaxing feeling. The salon’s services range from simple haircuts, hair color, texture treatments, hair removal, deep conditioning, and makeup application all the way to full body massage, pedicure & manicures. Fame International also specializes in selling top-of-the-line body care products from reputable brands.