Parks Scarborough ON

The sprawling natural beauty of Scarborough makes it home to some of the most scenic parts in Ontario. Scarborough On is also home to Rougue Valley, the most prominent green space in Toronto. Due to the low population density in Scarborough, most parks here get to hold on to their natural landscape that includes thick tree canopies, ponds, and bluffs. Here’s a quick list of parks you must visit while in Scarborough.

Guild Park and Gardens

The last architectural monuments of Scarborough in the 20th century lie in Guild Park and Gardens. That’s not all there is to the park though. The tranquility of the park is unmatched in Toronto. The 88-acre park overflows with luscious greenery, lots of trails, and open spaces for a family picnic. The natural beauty in the park is so surreal, Drake had to shoot a music video here.

Colonel Danforth Park

Located close to Lawrence and Meadowvale, Colonel Danforth Park is where you go if you want to take a walk. The paved trails snaking through the Highland Creek in the park are a welcome escape from the bustle and hustle of downtown Toronto. It gets quiet in the park, especially on weekdays when most folks are busy with their careers. You won’t get a lot of amenities at Colonel Danforth, apart from washrooms and a dog park, to distract you from the natural setting.

Milliken Park

Scarborough residents go to Mirren Park to check out the pond. Located in the northern part of Scarborough, Milliken Park ‘s pond gives the allure of a cottage deck when seated on its shore. The pond-side benches also provide the perfect perch to watch swans swimming across the pond in the morning. There are lots of amenities at Milliken Park, including picnic areas and washrooms. There are no eateries close enough for a quick bite. If you plan to spend some time at Milliken Park, you might want to bring some food with you.

Rouge Park

The jewel of Scarborough, Rouge Park has everything you’d want. There’s a sandy beach, a campground, hiking trails, and picnic areas. It is remarkable that a park so close to the city has more than 1,700 plant species and the biggest green space in all of Toronto. If you’re looking for a place to spend a hot afternoon cooling down and enjoying the company of friends and family, Rouge Park is just the place. There’s a dog park close by, so Fido doesn’t have to spend the whole day alone at home.