Parks Markham ON

Parks are more than just perks of a great city. In Markham, they are places where people go to interact with nature. For most residents, parks are also part of their fondest memories. To some extent, parks in this bustling city in Canada have had an impact on the lives of residents. Too good pond, for instance, hosts community events in summer and winter attended by thousands of residents and visitors. Cameras capture thousands of fond memories at this park every year. Here are some of the most popular parks you should visit in Markham Ontario.

William Berczy Park

The transformation of William Berczy Park has nothing been short exceptional. A while ago, the area where the park stands today was nothing but a dug up piece of land with dirt everywhere. Over the years, city officials constructed a huge water pond complete with a bridge. Trees soon followed and the entire area was covered in grass. After sidewalks and benches were put into place, soccer fields and tennis courts soon followed. Today, the park has several tennis courts and a couple of baseball courts and even streetlights. It is the gem of the neighborhood, but make sure you watch out for geese droppings when you visit.

Victoria Square Park

Located along Elgin Mills Road, Victorian Square Park was at one time Markham’s greatest PokeStops. There were lots of PokeStops around the park, which helped residents realize how huge and beautiful the park is. There are lots of trees here and a trail snaking through the numerous play areas. There are enough gazebos and benches along the winding trail so if you want to take a break from the 20-minute stroll across the park, there’s a resting place nearby. Folks normally come here with their children who seem to love the animal sculptures spread between the trees. The park is close enough to a residential area meaning parking is not an issue. If you live nearby, you can make your way to the park on foot.

L’Amoreaux Park

One of the lesser known parks to Markham residents, mostly because it is a bit far from the city center, L’Amoreaux Park is by no means a small park. The sprawling greenery complete with trees and waterways is the perfect place to spend a hot afternoon. There are lots of lifeguards to keep visitors safe during their stay but for some reason, they don’t allow visitors to take pictures. There’s a tennis court close by as well as a community recreation center to keep your mind off the “no-photograph” rule at the park.