Parks in Uxbridge, ON

Being a fast-growing residential community with a population in excess of 20,000 people, Uxbridge, ON has many public amenities that are designed to keep the locals entertained and active. Among these amenities are parks and recreational centers. Uxbridge Township is home to over ten parks, natural conservations, and green spaces all featuring unique attraction and amenities. Below is an overview of the top parks in the Township and what they are all about:

Elgin Park

Located at 180 Main Street South, Elgin Park is one of the most visited parks near Uxbridge Ontario and one of the highest-rated recreational centers according to Google reviews. The park features beautiful lush vegetation, a pond, resting benches, ping pong tables, several ball diamonds, and a few buildings for fairs and art-related events. There are spacious open spaces for hosting events and family events. The park is perfect for picnics and afternoon family outings.

Durham Regional Forest

This is another high traffic park in Uxbridge that is very popular with hikers and dog walkers. With its great trails and giant forest trees and bushes, the park offers nature enthusiasts a place to unwind and get away from the monotonous day to day routines. The park is also popular among bikers including mountain bikers. The trails are well marked and always well-groomed. Durham Regional Forest is located at Concession Rd 7 and is open for 24-hours per day throughout the year.

Testa Park

This is a small neighborhood park which as small forested areas, wild trails, and a play area for kids. Located at the Corner of Ontario Street and Testa Road, Testa Park is a perfect picnic area for kids and families living around this location. The park is also good for dog walkers.

Quaker Common

If you are looking for a park with lots of amenities for both kids and adults to enjoy, Quaker Common is the place to go. Located at Quaker Village Drive, the park offers modern kids equipment, numerous ball diamonds and free spaces, extensive trails for jogging and running with small bridges, and scenic vegetation. The park is located in a tranquil neighborhood and is good for dog walkers. just like most local parks, Quaker Common is very clean and well maintained.

Other parks that you should consider checking out in Uxbridge, ON includes Countryside Preserve, Elgin Park Bandshell, Ilinden Macedonian Park, Glen Major Forest, Splash Pad, The Serenity Gardens, and Grangeways RV Park & Family Campground for RV and camping enthusiasts.