Parks in Pickering ON

Though Pickering is a designated urban community, it has its own share of parks and green spaces. These parks are a way of people staying active and reconnecting with nature. They offer a great selection of free or affordable recreational facilities and equipment and are mainly run by the local government except for a few private owned parks. Below are the main parks near Pickering Ontario:

Beachfront Park

Located along the Waterfront Trail, Beachfront Park is one of the most picturesque parts of Pickering city. The park offers great picnic tables, beach access, volleyball court, playground area, and waterfront trails. The park is excellent for leisurely walks, bike riding, fishing, and boating or just relax and enjoy a cold beer by the benches. The children’s park is located on the eastern part of the park and has a water feature, while the western side features two lighthouses. To access the far west lighthouse, you just drive around the Bay.

Rotary Frenchman’s Bay West Park        

This scenic city is located at 939 Beachpoint Promenade whose main features are the trails, picnic benches and the beach area itself. The park is a perfect kayaking destination and there are some few rough trails for hiking. If you happen to visit Pickering during the summer, this park is one of the best places to hang out. If you are lucky, you’ll catch some people in the late afternoons playing live music just by the water.

Petticoat Creek Conservation Area

Forget about the funny name, this park is one of the top recreational destinations for most locals and visitors. The conservation offers numerous nature trails, wide open spaces for relaxation and for BBQs, an unbeatable beach view, public swimming, and water features.  It’s a perfect destination for family outings and you can bring all the food you want. The park is located at 1100 Whites Road, South.

Amberlea Park

If you want to sit back and enjoy watching your kids have the time of their lives, head out to Amberlea Park at 510 Braeburn Crescent. The park opens from 8 am to 11 pm and gigantic splash pad, playgrounds for baseball, soccer and football, swings, and a jungle gym among other things.

Grand Valley Park

This is a designated hiking area where you can come with your dog or family and enjoy trekking through the well-maintained tracks that meander through the thick forest and along the river. The best thing about the park is that you can unleash your dogs and let them roam free.