Parks in Oshawa ON

Oshawa, ON is one of the most magnificent cities in Ontario province and Canada at large. It is a thriving economic hub that is driven by the local companies/industries, businesses and up to some level, the growing eco-tourism industry. Most of the tourist who comes to Oshawa On are attracted not only by the many historic attractions and great recreational centers but also by the fact that Oshawa’s Lakefront end forms a bluff that offers what is possibly one of the best views of the beautiful blue waters of waters and the land beyond. Additionally, there are parks and conservation areas that form very interesting attractions due to their serenity, amenities, and accessibility. Below is a list of some of Oshawa’s most visited parks and what they have in store for the visitors:

Lakefront West Park

Though most people go to Lakefront West Park for the beautiful view, this magnificent waterfront park has a lot more to offer. There are paved trails for biking and walking, playgrounds and ball diamonds, access to still water where you can let your dog splash and play in the water a little bit. The park is never overcrowded and there always food trucks around so you can spend the day there and share a meal with friends or family.

Memorial Park

Located in the heart of Oshawa city, Memorial Park is one of the most visited recreational areas in Oshawa. Despite being associated with homeless people who tend to linger around all the time, the park offers the locals a place where they can learn some history through historic things like monuments and carvings.

Harmony Valley Conservation Area

Located at 915 Grandview Street, the conservation is a perfect place to go for a hike, walk your dog or just enjoy a good day in the wild bushes of Ontario. Though there are no modern amenities in the area, there are plenty of streams and small bridges crossing over them that offer great view points.

Lake Vista Park

Located on Emerald Avenue is the beautiful Lake Vista Park, a waterfront park featuring a wide variety of waterfront amenities including gazebos, a recreation center, several playgrounds, a huge splash pad, and an athletic field! It’s the perfect place to catch the morning sun or the evening breeze while enjoying the great view of the lake.

Other notable parks in Oshawa include Lakeview Park – Area A, Kedron Park, Airmen’s Park,  and Mountjoy Park among others.