Parks in Newmarket, ON

Newmarket town is located in the heart of Ontario’s York region, around 30 minutes away from Toronto’s downtown business district. As such, the town is a designated bedroom community of Toronto and features around 70 parks and green spaces covering an area of around 650 acres. These 70-plus parks offer diversified activities all year long, from snowshoeing and hiking along park trails to fishing along one of the local rivers or streams, Newmarket ON has it all. The town also has a huge indoor skating park for skateboarding lovers. These parks also act as the town’s cultural hub by hosting various events, concerts, and festivals which give both visitors and local residents a chance to integrate and celebrate various cultures in more than one way. Below are some of the most popular parks in Newmarket, ON and what they have to offer:

Fairy Lake Park

This is one of the high-profile parks in town whose popularity has come from being the main venue of most of the Newmarket’s outdoor annual events and festivals including the famous annual York Shakespeare Festival among others. The park has many interesting features and amenities including a network of well-maintained trails weaving throughout the entire 33-acre park, play areas for children, numerous playgrounds and ball diamonds, gardens, statues and historically significant monuments, open green spaces, dog friendly areas, slides, picnic areas with benches, tables and shelters, fountains, an amphitheater, miniature waterfalls,  and  free parking. Fairy Lake Park is one of the top family weekend destinations in Newmarket.

Mabel Davis Conservation Area

Established in the 1970s, Mabel Davis Conservation Area is another scenic park in town that covers an area of 17 acres. This park features thick woodlands that act as home to various wild animals including muskrats, raccoons, and rabbits. There is also a long nature trail that covers over two miles of scenic forest vegetation and is perfect for snowshoeing during winter and hiking during summertime. The trails also act as great viewpoints for bird watching which is a common thing considering the park acts as home to various avian species according to a local survey.

George Richardson Park

If you need a tranquil place with little traffic where you can unwind, walk quietly or rest under a tree and have lunch with your family, George Richardson Park is the place for you. The park has a few amenities including lots of tree-shaded free spaces, paved trails, a splash pad and lots of free parking.