Parks in Aurora ON

Due to its somewhat inland location, City of Aurora Ontario is not much of a tourist destination, but the town still attracts a lot of visitors with its few attractions which include historically significant structures and the numerous parks. Below are some of the top parks in Aurora town:

Town Park Aurora

Located within the heart of the town, Town Park Aurora is the Aurora’s largest park and definitely the busiest. The park features a lot of amenities including a magnificent water park, several playgrounds, and a Bandshell during summer time. The park is also the site for Aurora’s Saturday Farmer’s Market which is only operational during the summer months and attracts hundreds of vendors and buyers. The park is open for public access 24/7.

Optimist Park

This park is located at 33 Birkshire Drive and offers a wide array of sports playground and beautiful scenery. Although the park needs some additions like public restrooms and a drinking fountain, it’s a great place to go for an evening walk and enjoy the beautiful vegetation that dominates the park. You can also bring your kids out here to play. The park opens from 8 am to 11 pm all week long.

Lambert Willson Park

Also located in the heart of the town, Lambert Willson Park is Aurora’s clandestine gem. The park features a lot of amenities and is a perfect place to go out and relax while the kids run wild in the wild. Some of the amenities include well-maintained trails, multiple baseball playgrounds, an arena, a magnificently set indoor pool featuring squash courts. The park also has a unique indoor soccer facility and is open from 8 am to 11 pm. It is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoor area and reconnect with nature as it were. If you love walking, hiking, or biking, Lambert Willson Park is the place to be.

Ada Johnson Park

Considered a perfect place for kids to play and run around, Ada Johnson Park is located at 17 Wallwark Street and features an extensive area covered by well-maintained playgrounds and majestic water feature. The park is also a perfect place to walk your dog on a leash and it’s open all week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Other local parks within the town include Valhalla Park, Hamilton Park, Aurora Community Arboretum, Lundy Park, David English Park, Atkinson Park, Confederation Park, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Park, McMahon Park, James Lloyd Park and Evans Park.