Parks in Ajax ON

Being a lake-side town with great infrastructural development, a thriving downtown area, and beautiful cultural scene, near Ajax ON, is one of the most picturesque towns on the coast of Lake Ontario. What makes the town even more beautiful are its many parks, green spaces, and reservations which provide a great place for the people to relax, reconnect and have fun. Below are Ajax’s most visited parks and what they have to offer:

Ajax Waterfront Park

Located immediately on the waterfront end of Lake Ontario is Ajax Waterfront Park, a high traffic park that features a lot of activities and amenities. The park has multiple access points with spacious parking areas, beautiful trails, and paths with a variety of scenery, a well-maintained beach area offering an unobstructed view of the lake, and plenty of picnic benches. There are also several nearby restaurants serving tasty local cuisine. Ajax Waterfront Park is the place to go if you need a place to relax and enjoy the breeze from the lake. The park is open every day for 24-hours all year long

Rotary Parks

This is another 24-hour park located near the shores of Lake Ontario. This beauty features long quiet trails which are perfect for walking, jogging, and biking. There are also some benches for picnics or just relaxing and a long shoreline featuring a picturesque view of Lake Ontario’s beautiful blue waters. 

There is a kids play area, a large splash pad, and clean public toilets. Fishing is allowed in the lagoon and there is a kayak/canoe launching area next to the parking lot. You can also bring a barbecue or throw a party in the park with the proper permit form the local park’s authority. Rotary Parks is a perfect place to bring the whole family for a weekend day out or an evening stroll.

Greenwood Conservation Area

Located on one of the innermost parts of Ajax town, Greenwood Conservation Area spans a large piece of land filled with beautiful vegetation and scenic green spaces. The park is known for its great hiking terrain, perfect fishing areas, cross-country skiing during the winter season, and the well-maintained dog park. The park opens from 8 am to 11 pm all week long and is definitely worth the drive there.

Other notable parks within this beautiful waterfront community are Lakeside Park, Miller Creek East Park, Castlefields Park, Hermitage Park, Millers Creek Park, Lion’s Point, Paradise Park, Veteran’s Point Gardens and last but not least, Paradise Beach.