Parking in Newmarket, ON

There’s nothing worse than running late for a meeting. The business world tends to be very cruel, and it’s vital to make a great first impression. Often you’ve allowed ample time for your journey and have arrived downtown with plenty of time to spare. What you haven’t factored in is trying to find a park. On a busy day in downtown Newmarket, you could be circling the streets for an hour before you find a parking space that suits you.

Free parking

There a lot of free parking options in Newmarket which are very ideal for local residents! For Instance, most town-owned parking areas give you a grace period of 10 minutes which means you can have time to pop into your favorite restaurant and pick-up your order and head out without paying anything as long as your leave within the ten-minute timeframe.

There also parking garages and business owned parking spaces that offer free parking as long as you provide evidence or proof of purchase from one of their business. Other areas like malls, hotels, and some restaurants offer free parking which means that as long as you are going into one of these areas, you need not worry about parking and parking fees. However, you need to confirm the availability of parking first because of free parking because not all entities offer free parking.

The town also issues limited time parking exemptions tickets which allow the town dwellers to park in various town-owned parking lots for a specified timeframe without paying as long as all terms and conditions are adhered to. Most parks and recreational centers in the town offer free all-day parking.

Parking Garages

Another solution to the problem of parking in Newmarket, ON is to find a reliable parking garage especially if you are going to be in town for a while. Parking garages in Newmarket and the nearby communities are very few but often right where you need them to be. They are conveniently located near some of the town’s most popular business centers. You can research online before you head into town and you’ll get to where you need to be with time to spare.

Payment Methods

Choosing parking garages in Newmarket with the right methods of payment will help you get to your destination without a hitch. Most parking lots in the downtown area must be paid for by cash and there is time limitation to parking in pone place.