Neighborhoods in Pickering ON

Pickering has considered a bedroom community for the magnificent Toronto city and as such, it offers a wide variety of housing options. The Pickering Real Estate market offers a broad variety of captivating, luxurious neighborhoods to choose from. Being a small laid-back city, Pickering offers affordable housing and low cost of living. Below is an overview of the city’s top neighborhoods and what makes them unique:


Whitevale, initially Majorville, is a beautiful neighborhood found near Pickering City. Locally, the neighborhood is known as the “Whitevale Hamlet”. It started out as a simple settlement around a Sawmill in the 1920s and slowly grew over the years to become what is today a popular, proud, close-knit community that is bound together with its annual events. The neighborhood has great housing options which are considerably expensive due to nature and prestige associated with the area. There is a local association that has been put in place by Whitevale residents to oversee most of the neighborhood’s activities including the scheduling of events and other important issues that affect the community in general. Due to the naturally beautiful landscape and the well maintained prestigious homes and buildings, the community of Whitevale has been a famous destination for most film industries looking for an authentic background for their movies.


Seaton is the area found in the northern part of Pickering next to West Duffins Creek. This massive neighborhood which is currently under development is strategically bound by on two sides by major roadways and on one side by a rail line. This community which was devised in the 1970s by the local provincial government is expected to be home to around 70,000 people and at least 35,000 jobs upon its completion. Currently, the neighborhood is home to some of the newest housing facilities in town.


This is an unincorporated rural community within Pickering that is known for its blend of old residential houses and suburban-style homes. This community which lies along the famous greenbelt just net to Oak Ridges Moraine is known for its great forest-like vegetation and numerous springs and small rivers. Claremont is a perfect residential area for nature lovers or retirees looking for a quiet and serene place to age gracefully.


This neighborhood is located at Pickering City’s northern side just next to the site of the proposed Pickering Airport. Though the community has been heavily affected by infrastructural developments in the city, it’s one of the greatest places to live in.