Neighborhoods in Aurora ON

Aurora, ON is ranked among the fastest growing municipalities within the GTA.  The Town has a fast-growing population of around 60,000 residents and is strategically located within the famously developed Golden Horseshoe. Despite the fast growth, Aurora has successfully maintained the small town’s charm and is considered by many as one of the most livable communities in York region and Canada in general. Canada. Its location a mere 40 minutes from Toronto makes it a designated bedroom community for Toronto city.

The magnificent town of Aurora is the proud home to numerous cultured neighborhoods that has become a hot cake in the current real estate industry. Below are some of the most popular neighborhoods in this picturesque city:

Aurora Village

Famously known as Aurora’s downtown core, the buzzing neighborhood of Aurora Village is one of the most prestigious residential locations in the city. Bordered by both Industrial Parkway North and Yonge Street, the neighborhood has and still is undergoing major developments, featuring great family homes and a laid back environment.

In terms of lifestyle, near Aurora village features virtually all features that any homeowner could ever wish for in their dream neighborhood. From quaint nearby restaurants which are mainly concentrated along the Wellington intersection and the Yonge, all the way to some great parks and libraries, Aurora village is definitely your place. Other local amenities include boutique shops, big box stores, coffee shops, and walk-in clinics among others. As an upbeat neighborhood, residents of downtown Aurora enjoy a rather uncommon balance between urbanism and ruralism. Apart from a few contemporary homes, the rest of the homes date back to way before 1945, giving the area a distinctive historic feel.

The neighborhoods’ population is greatly varied in terms of age distribution with the majority of the residents being young families who are attracted to the area by the low crime rate, numerous schools, and other family-friendly amenities. There are also a significant number of seniors and young couples who have ventured into homeownership but don’t want to stay too far away from the capital of Toronto.

Residents of Aurora Village neighborhood have direct access to the popular Highway 404 which makes it one of the most-connected neighborhoods in Aurora. Availability of convenient public transit options which include the local GO station and VIVA bus services connecting the downtown area to the GTA is also a big plus.

Other major neighborhoods include Bayview wellington, Aurora northeast, Aurora Heights, Aurora Glove and Aurora Estates among others.