Library in Stouffville ON

Stouffville, ON is a relatively large neighborhood that boasts of being home to people from different ethnic backgrounds which gives it a rich cultural background. Additionally, the town attracts hundreds of visitors every year who come to enjoy the many attractions that the town has to offer. Libraries are some of the most underrated attractions in Stouffville On. However, they carry a wealth of knowledge and fun. Below is a list of the top libraries in Stouffville, ON:

Whitchurch–Stouffville Public Library

Being a developing educational hub, Stouffville houses one of the largest library facilities in the entire Ontario province and definitely the largest in Whitchurch–Stouffville municipality. The facility is dedicated to encouraging curiosity and engaging the community in knowledge sharing.

Whitchurch–Stouffville Public Library’s history goes as far back as the late 1870s when it was founded in a local Jewelry Store with the help of the then local newspaper editor. At its inception, the library christened ‘Mechanics’ Institute’ and remained as such for quite some time within its original location inside the Municipal Building.  The library had amassed over 790 volumes by 1880s, a figure that grew to over 2,500 by 1895.

In 1899, Mechanics’ Institute’ became a public library and was soon transferred to a new spacious location that was built with the help of the Carnegie Foundation and other local donors. At its new location, the library’s was changed to Carnegie Library in honor of the main sponsor. Unfortunately, the new facility had a limited storage space that could only hold a maximum of 7,000 volumes. The increasing number of printed volumes and the speedily rising population resulted in the second relocation of the Library to a storefront building 1974 and again three years later to a newly constructed $360,000 facility on Main Street. Soon after celebrating its 100th birthday in the early part of 1999, the construction of the locally famous Whitchurch-Stouffville Leisure Centre which currently houses the library was commenced.

The library underwent a major expansion in 2017 and 2018 and was rewarded with hundreds of new members. This public library now offers a myriad of services including access to general library services, internet access, and access to technology among other library-related reprograms. The library serves over 20,000 active members including children and adults.

There are several children’s programs offered within the library that are aimed at attracting, enlightening and enriching the new generation. These programs include storytelling sessions and movies among others. There is also a secluded section with cozy chairs set aside for leisurely reading.