Libraries in Richmond Hill, ON

Despite the great strides we have taken in technology and development, libraries still remain an integral part of our lives as they act as a rich and convenient source of information and fun. Richmond Hill, ON is home over five well-established libraries, most of which are under the city’s public library system and operate under the same guidelines. Below are some of the most visited libraries in the city and what they have to offer to the knowledge-hungry residents:

Richmond Hill Public Library – Central Library

This is the main public library in the city and is located at 1 Atkinson Street.  The Central branch first opened its doors to the public in 1993 and still remains the architectural marvel it was during its hey days.  The facility is made up of four levels: the first floor houses the circulation desk, music & video materials, and children’s department: the second floor holds the meeting rooms; the third floor has all the newspapers, magazines, reference materials, and other materials in the general stacks; and finally the fourth floor houses library’s administration and a section for the local history archives. The library offers additional services like printing and 3D printing, and hosts various events mainly for children. The library is open from around 10 am to 9 pm all week long. It is a perfect place to relax and read your favorite novel, do some school work, research of just grab a magazine of your choices and drown yourself in the beauty of written word.

Richmond Hill Public Library – Richvale Library

This is a small-sized library under Richmond Hill’s Public Library system that is made up of just a few rooms and a sizable collection for books, magazines, newspapers and reference materials. Richvale Library is a far cry from the Central branch in terms of size, infrastructure, and learning materials but it’s still a safe haven for people looking for a quiet place to do their work. There plenty of power outlets to plug in your PC and Wi-Fi is free.

Richmond Hill Public Library – Richmond Green Library

Coming third is the Richmond Green Library which is the second largest library in the local public library system and the most modern in terms of infrastructure and technology. The facility as almost as many leaning materials as the central branch and is open from Monday to Saturday beginning from 10 am to 8 pm.