Libraries in Oshawa ON

Oshawa, ON is one of Canada‚Äôs fastest growing cities and an economic hub that attracts thousands of employment seeking citizens into the area. The city, due to its large number of school going kids, has developed into a renowned education hub having some of the most coveted education institutions in Ontario Province. Apart from the schools and higher learning institutions, Oshawa ON has a long list of well-established libraries most of which are contained within the City’s public library system. Below is an overview of some of the Libraries in Oshawa that you ought to know about:

Oshawa Public Libraries – Northview Branch

This is a modern library facility located on Beatrice Street. The facility has somewhat of a historic appearance with a touch of modernity on the outside but the inside speaks of nothing but modernity and technology.

Inside, there are rows and rows of shelves packed with books, novels, research material, and many other education-related materials. There are also plenty of computers which are   reserved for research and other education-related projects only. Free Wi-Fi is available so you can bring your PC or Wi-Fi enabled phone and use it with the research. The library, just like all the other members of the Oshawa Public Libraries system, has a virtual library which can be accessed online by all registered members. Other services include printing, 3D printing, kids programs, and book clubs. With all its comfy reading areas, it’s never hard to find a place where you can sit back and enjoy reading a good book in silence.

Moving on, the Northview Branch library has a beautiful outdoor area filled with flowers and other beautiful lawn plants with paths in between the garden. This area is perfect for walks when you need a break from all the reading and research in the library. There is plenty of parking for everything including a bicycle rack and library membership cards are issued free of charge for local residents.

There are three other branches within the OPL namely the Jess Hann Branch, Legends Centre branch, and downtown McLaughlin branch. Although the infrastructure varies greatly among the four branches, they offer the same services and are pretty much operated through the same guidelines which make them similar but unique from each other at some level. Other notable libraries in the city that are not within the local public library system include the Terence V. Kelly Library which falls under the Durham Region Law Association, Andi’s Free Little Library for kids and Genealogy Society Library