Libraries in Newmarket, ON

Newmarket is has a well-established education system composed of over a dozen elementary schools, four major public, and one private high schools and one prominent college of arts. The town is also home to one of the largest libraries in York Region and its resident also gets access to libraries outside the town but within York Region. Below is a list of libraries offering library services to the residents of near Newmarket Ontario!

Newmarket Public Library

This is one of the main libraries in Newmarket and the York region at large. It is situated within the town’s historic Downtown district and provides the residents of York with unlimited access thousands of items and materials including magazines, audiobooks, books, DVDs, multilingual materials, CDs, e-books, video games, and most importantly, free access to online databases. The facility is also tasked with running the York Info service, a program that provides important information and data about local groups, organizations, and services in a bid to help boost local volunteer presence and connecting volunteers with charitable organizations looking for help.

Access to the library is free to all members who have a membership card which is issued to all residents of York’s municipalities. Newmarket Public Library is a communal facility that offers communal programs for people of all ages in order to cultivate a positive reading culture and spread knowledge throughout the town and beyond. It is located at 438 Park Avenue and opens from 9:30 am to 9 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Aurora Public Library

This is another highly rated facility located just outside Newmarket in the neighboring town of Aurora. This giant facility is almost the same size as the Newmarket Public Library in terms of infrastructure and amount of materials on offer. The facility was established in the mid-1820s by Quackers who were among the pioneer inhabitants of the area. The facility grew steadily and had over 15000 collections in 1967. Currently, Aurora Public Library has a little over 30,000 registered users from within the town and beyond. It is located at 15145 Yonge Street and opens from 9:30 am to around 9 pm on weekdays with the hours changing slightly during weekends.

Other notable facilities that offer library services in the town of Newmarket, ON and other towns in the York region include Genesis Bereavement Resource Centre & Lending Library which is located at 157 Main Street South, Lori’s Little Lending Library on Queen Street, and Ansnorveldt Library on Dufferin Street.