Libraries in Ajax ON

Ajax, ON is a relatively large community that boasts of being home to 0ver 100 people from diverse cultural backgrounds which gives it a rich history. The town attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to experience the many attractions that Ajax has to offer. Libraries, though not part of the tourist attractions, are some of the most underrated gems in Ajax. However, they offer lots of information, knowledge, and fun. Below is a list of the top libraries near Ajax, ON:

Ajax Public Library – Village Branch

Being a thriving education hub, the town is home to Ajax Public Library which is located at 58 Church Street, North. The facility is dedicated to encouraging curiosity and engaging the community in knowledge sharing. The facility is an architectural spectacle whose beauty goes beyond the architecture itself.

The library has several floors and private reading spaces, a cafe, numerous events for children, computers, free internet, and more. Membership subscription plans are quite affordable and most services are free of charge making Ajax Public Library the best library in town.

Ajax Public Library – Main Branch

Located on the southern section of Harwood Avenue, Ajax Public Library system Main Branch is the largest facility of its kind in the town and features the latest library technology. The books section is very well organized which makes it easy to find what you are looking for without any difficulty plus there are several staff members to help you in case you get confused.

There are also several computers designated for learning and research purposes and free internet connection through WIFI which means you can bring your PC. The library has several programs for kids to help them with reading and learning and also instill in them the culture of going to the library every now and then. The library is open all week long mostly from 9:30 am to 9 pm.

McLean Community Centre And Library

Last on the list is the locally famed McLean Community Centre And Library on Magill Drive. This contemporary recreational facility features a wide range of public amenities with the library being just a section of the entire facility. The McLean Community Centre offers the perfect combination of fun and learning in that you can do your studying or research then take a break by indulging in the other activities like swimming and hit the gym before heading home. Talk of fun and learning at the same time.