Hospitals in Uxbridge, ON

There are very reasons why you should live in Uxbridge, ON. For starters, the township has several high-end neighborhoods with modern homes located within a tranquil location. These neighborhoods offer affordable residents for even the low-class earners and most people within the township own their homes with only a small minority living in a rent/lease basis. Another thing that makes Uxbridge a good place to live in is its top-performing schools which include over half a dozen elementary schools, one major secondary school, and a college. This well established educational system appeals to many parents with school-going kids. Apart from the above features, near Uxbridge ON is home to a long list of public parks and recreational centers.

Uxbridge Cottage Hospital

Apart from the usual amenities mentioned above, there is nothing more comforting than living near a recognized health care facility for when a health emergency strikes. Uxbridge Township boasts of being the site of the popular Uxbridge Cottage Hospital, one of the main hospitals operating in the Durham Region.

The facility was established in the late 1950s after around a decade of preparation. It has undergone several major and minor renovations and additions since its inception including the 1919 construction of a 12-meter steel bell recognition tower outside the hospital.

Uxbridge Cottage Hospital has been part of several local hospitals governing bodies including the now-defunct North Durham Health Services and Lakeridge Health Corporation during a period when it was affiliated to the neighboring Lakeridge Health Oshawa. The hospital currently operates under the Markham-Stouffville Hospital Corporation and had its bed capacity lowered from 49 to 30 for manageability.

Uxbridge Cottage Hospital has several departments including an emergency wing, all offering 24-hour services to the locals of Uxbridge. The main services offered at the hospital are outpatient programs, pediatric services, diagnostic services,   family practice, emergency room & inpatient care, palliative care, complex continuing care, walk-in clinic, mental health, maternal, rehabilitation and surgical services. There is a helipad west of the hospital’s main wing to facilitate emergency airlifts.

Toronto Street Medical Centre

The only other notable health care facility operating in Uxbridge is Toronto Street Medical Centre. This popular walk-in clinic is located at 29 Toronto Street, South. The facility caters to small emergencies, general check-ups and a number of other health-related services. The hospital has a very dedicated team of doctors, nurses and medical practitioners and their services are smooth and efficient. It’s the second most visited health facility in the Uxbridge after Uxbridge Cottage Hospital.