Hospitals in Richmond Hill, ON

There comes a time in our lives when we need to go into a hospital. This may be due to an accident, maybe because of an illness or something that is out of our control. Whatever the reason we want to know that the hospital we choose is the best. But how can we do this? How can we tell if the hospital is good or has the best doctors?

You may be at the point where you are browsing the local hospitals to an area that you may be moving to or you may be looking to pick a hospital to have an operation in. Whichever point you are at there will be a few things that you need to know about finding the right hospital in near Richmond Hill, ON.

Most of the hospitals in Canada can be classed as general hospitals. This means that they can cope with a large number of medical issues from minor infections to major diseases. Some of these hospitals will be teaching hospitals. They are usually general hospitals because they see a large number of different cases and can give their intern doctors a wide range of experience. Training hospitals also do a lot of research and may have newer technology compared to those that do not train. If you are looking for a specialist hospital then you may need to research a little further. Below are some of the top Hospitals and Health centers in Richmond Hill, city and what they have to offer:

Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital

Started as York Central Hospital, this is one of the three main General hospitals in York Region. The city is operated by Mackenzie Health, the same health service provider that is set to take over the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital which is currently under construction.

The hospital dates back the early 1960s when it was established in what was then the Vaughan Township just next to the then suburban community of Richmond Hill. The hospital became part of what would later become the City of Richmond Hill following the amalgamation of the two entities in 1973. With the city experiencing large bouts of population growth in the recent past, the hospital has undergone a major expansion to become the four-winged 300-bed hospital it is today.

Grand Genesis Health

This is the only other notable healthcare facility in the city. The facility deals with various illnesses and other health-related issues including plastic surgery, endoscopy, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology and more.