Hospitals in Aurora ON

Aurora Town is known for its great businesses, growing tourism and thriving business district which makes it one of the richest towns in the country. There are numerous of visitors who travel to the area of Aurora  every year either for business pleasure, or medical purposes. Aurora has several notable Hospitals and walk-in clinics with high-level technology and good facilities. Hospitals in Aurora Town and the neighboring cities cater to the health needs of the general public without any discrimination. The reaction and views about hospitals from the perspectives of both medical practitioners and patients rely on the services and facilities found in the hospitals in question. Below are some of the top-rated hospitals that operate within Aurora, ON:

Southlake Regional Health Centre

Located at 596 Davis Drive in the neighboring town of Newmarket, Southlake Regional Health Centre is a leading regional healthcare facility serving Newmarket, Aurora, and other nearby communities. This full-service hospital has a patient bed capacity of 400 and serves over 80,000 patients within its Emergency Department, over 500,000 out-patient and 20,000 in-patient admissions on a yearly basis. The hospital is tasked with developing and implementing advanced levels of health care services to over one million people. This hospital which dates back to 1992 has joined hands with several universities and medical research institutions in a bid to offer quality medical education and expose the students to real medical work in the field.

Aurora Medical Clinic

Now back to Aurora, Aurora Medical Clinic is a well-established medical center located at 372 Hollandview Trail #302 that offers quick medical services to locals and visitors in Aurora town. The hospital features a team of very dedicated and compassionate doctors who go out of their way to ensure all the patients are well served and treated right. The services here are prompt and high quality. It is the best place to get excellent medical services within the entire town.

Hollidge Medical Centre

Located at 130 Hollidge Boulevard is another medical center in Aurora that goes by the name Hollidge Medical Centre. With their welcoming and very knowledgeable front office plus the highly reputable medical team, Hollidge Medical Centre is a reliable private health care facility that is second to none. They offer consultations and treatments at affordable prices.

Last on the list is TrueNorth Medical Centre, a laid back facility that offers treatment and professional medical help to patients of opioid addiction. This facility is located at 25 William Graham Drive offers professional confidentiality and great facilities in general.