History of Pickering ON

Pickering, ON is a waterfront city located on the shores of Lake Ontario with Toronto city lying on its western edge. The beautiful waterfront City Of area of Pickering ON is ideally located between Port Whitby Marina and Toronto’s downtown core. It has a fast-growing population of around 92,000 residents who delightfully enjoy life on the scenic shores of the locally and internationally popular Lake Ontario. With the numerous Waterfront parks, trails running along the lakefront section of the city, and the well-maintained wetlands and conservations in the area, the city’s residents and visitors are provided with some outstanding recreation opportunities and exceptional scenery. Additionally, this laid-back holiday destination has some incredible modern infrastructure that any community would take pride in.

For several thousand years before the arrival of Europeans, the area that forms today’s Pickering city and several other neighboring communities belonged to the native Wyandot people. Archeological remains show evidence of a traditional village that existed in the area back in the 1500s. The Wyandot people are said to have moved from this location and established an anew settlement around Georgian Bay, the exact point where French explorers, fur traders, and missionaries are said to have docked during their interaction with the local natives.

After the British fighters overthrew the French people who had established their presence within Canada, the British colonial settlers steadily moved into the area and established settlements by the late 1770s. The named the area Pickering after a small market town in North Yorkshire in their native England.

Pickering took part in the famous Mackenzie Rebellion which was a form of resistance against the seemingly oligarchic government by the British. Today Pickering is a magnificent city that boasts of being one of the most economically independent cities in Ontario. It has a very high employment rates thanks to the presence of the famous Power plant and a plethora of business enterprises. The city has undergone major infrastructural developments in the last few decades to make one of the most connected cities on Lake Ontario’s Shoreline.

Being a designated urban residential community, the City of Pickering has a thriving real estate industry that serves to provide locals with affordable housing options. The rural-like nature of the City means the cost of living is quite affordable. Additionally, there are numerous educational institutions within the city that server the ever-growing population. Apart from Toronto, Pickering is expected to be one of the most developed communities in the area in the coming years.