High Schools Scarborough ON

Close to the University of Toronto as well as being home to over a hundred elementary and high schools, area of Scarborough ON has one of the best education systems in Canada. The graduation rate among high school students is in the upper percentile with more than 77% of students graduating with diplomas. Most of them continue to join either the University of Toronto or other colleges in the province. What drives educational achievements in the neighborhood is the strong educational foundations propelled by high schools in the area. Here’s a list of some of the best high schools in Scarborough.

Dr. Norman Buthene Collegiate Institute

Founded in 1979, Norman Bethune CI boasts of a student population of over 1000. Most of the students are native English speakers, although the school has English as a Second Language program. There are bilingual classroom helpers and full-time settlement workers to help non-natives settle into the school. The school partners with some of the communities in Scarborough such as senior homes of Tendercare, Mon Sheong, and Beijing Np. 15 High School. To prepare students for college life, Norman Bethune CI offers advanced programs in robotics, advanced math functions, and advanced calculus. If your teen has a gift with numbers, enroll them in Norman Bethune CI.

West Hill Collegiate Institute

Another well-known high school, mostly due to its academic performance, is West Hill Collegiate Institute. The public high school, in eastern Scarborough, falls under the Toronto District School Board since 1998. The history of the high school goes back to 1955 with its signature motto “Surgo in Lucern” (I rise into the light). True to its slogan, West Hill Collegiate Institute has one of the best academic track records in Canada. More than 90% of students graduate from West Hill CI and continue to pursue a college education. Apart from educational programs, students here have a chance to enroll in athletic programs, arts programs, as well as leadership programs. Student organizations administrate most of these programs, put students firmly in control of their extra-curriculum activities. According to the Fraser Institute, West Hill CI scored a 6 out of 10, a great improvement from its meager ranking two years ago. Today, it ranks in the top 100 of the best high schools in Ontario.

Delphi Secondary Alternative School

Another popular school in the Toronto District School Board, Delphi Secondary Alternative School values equity, accountability, accessibility, and innovation. The school offers a safe and nurturing learning environment to mold students into responsible young adults. Graduation rates here are high with more than 80% of students enrolling to colleges in and around the community.