High Schools Markham ON

There are lots of high schools in area of Markham ON. The city’s school district has about 10 public high schools listed. Add an ever-growing number of private schools, and choosing the right high school in the city becomes a gigantic task. You’ll have to sort through dozens of schools before finding the perfect fit. To make your life easier, especially if you just moved to Markham, here are some of the best schools in the region. All the schools listed here have very-good-to-exceptional performance on the EQAO test scores regulated by the Ontario government. However, since EQAO pass-rates only measure the performance of ninth and tenth graders, the list also considers the programs offered by each high school as a category for determining the best schools in the city. Here are the highest scoring schools in both categories.

Unionville High School

Unionville High School has a lot going for it. Adjacent to the Markham Civic Center and the Markham Theatre, it is one of the most accessible schools in the city. The location also benefits the school in that it is surrounded by a nurturing community filled with positive examples of professionals for students to emulate. Unionville also registers high test scores in reading, comprehension, writing, and math. They also have a special needs program that really helps out special and gifted students.

Bur Oak High School

Bur Oak is one of the newer public high schools in Markham. Founded in 2007, the school joined the York Region District School Board and went ahead to claim the top spot in terms of academic performance, student socialization, and one of the most effective special needs program. For a school that’s named after the official tree of the city, Bur Oak is a veritable bearer of the city’s academic torch. The more than 1,600 students enrolled here register some of the highest scores in state tests. They also have the highest graduation rate as well as college enrollment rate in Ontario.

Markville High School

Located in the Unionville community in Markham, Markville is home to more than 1,400 students. The school, since it’s founding in 1990, has continuously excelled in EQAO tests. Only a few schools in the York Region District School Board perform better than Markville. If you want your child to have the best start as a young adult, enrolling them here would greatly improve chances. The school is a close-knit family that encourages parents and their kids to be part of each other’s growth. You’ll never be left out of your child’s life when you take them to Markvillle High School.