High schools in Uxbridge, ON

When relocating to a new neighborhood or new town, you ought to ensure the place you’re going to move to has all the amenities you might need at that very moment and in the foreseeable future. This is especially true for families with young children as they need to stay near daycares, schools and at the very least, one or two recreational centers. Despite not being one of the leading urban communities in Ontario, Uxbridge Township boasts of having many modern amenities that make it a perfect residential neighborhood for families.

Apart from its many parks and elementary schools, the township is also home to top-performing high schools that are ranked among the best in the Durham District School Board. Below is an overview of the main High Schools near Uxbridge, ON:

Uxbridge Secondary School

Located at 127 Planks Lane, Uxbridge SS is one of the top-rated public schools within the local school board and the only pubic secondary within the township. The school offers a long list of academic programs for its students between 9th grand and 12th grade. The school is also a competitive participant in the sports and athletics in Ontario with their rugby and volleyball teams winning championships in the last ten years.

The school was initially named Uxbridge High School when it was established in 1923. Apart from its name being changed to a secondary school, the school’s facilities have undergone several major additions over the years with the last one coming in 2013.  Currently, the school has over 80 classrooms, a spacious cafeteria, two modern gymnasiums, a well-stocked library, and numerous staff offices and maintenance rooms.

Uxbridge Secondary School is currently estimated to have a population of over 1300 students and around 130 staff members including teachers. With the population of Uxbridge experiencing fast growth in the recent past and the extension of its boundaries to accommodate the neighboring community of Claremont, USS is expected to over 2000 students in the near future.

Uxbridge Montessori School

This is the only other school within the jurisdiction of Uxbridge Township that offers a high school curriculum. The school is located at 167 Main Street, North and is one of the few schools of its kind in the Durham region.

Other schools located within the vicinity of Uxbridge, ON include Donald A Wilson SS, Aurora High School, and Dunbarton HS. It is worth noting that not all these nearby school admit students from the township of Uxbridge.