High schools in Newmarket, ON

Learning is a pillar that supports our society in more than one way. It is through learning that we get to know about our potentials and weakness and what to do to make the most out of them. It is also through learning that we acquire knowledge and information to enable us to get through various situations in life and help us make decisions that matter. As such, the need for advanced learning institutions like high schools and colleges has become a very important part of the modern society. The town of Newmarket ON has not been left in this quest for education. The town is home to a long list of high-profile schools that offer quality education to the residents of the town and other nearby communities. Below is a list of some of the top High schools in the town:

Newmarket High School

This is one of the most coveted schools in area of Newmarket Ontario. The school enrolls students from 9th grade all the way to 12th grade and currently serves a student population of around 1500 students. It school is one of the four public high schools within the town that operates under the YRDSB.

Established back in the 1840s as a simple Grammar school, the facility is among the top 5 oldest schools in the entire Ontario province. Since its inception, Newmarket high has undergone multiple locations and name changes before settling for its current name and location. The school offers various academic programs on top of the standard high school programs including French immersion, enriched programs for gifted students, and Advanced Placement programs. Being one of the best performing schools at the secondary level within the region, most of its graduates pursue tertiary education at various universities and colleges within and outside Canada. The school also engages competitively in sports and athletics within Ontario province.

Sir William Mulock Secondary School

This is another public secondary school in town that operates under the YRDSB. The school opened its doors to students in 2001 and was built with the aim of reducing student overpopulation in Newmarket High. Being one of the newest high schools in town, the school became the first school to participate in a new teaching program that is aimed at modernizing and simplifying leaning through the use of technology. After its success with grade 9 students within the school during the 2010/2011 academic years, this program which requires the students to have laptops/netbooks with wireless capabilities has been implemented in the other three grades and is currently being implemented in other institutions within the York Region District School Board.

The other two public schools that fall under the jurisdiction of the local district school board are Dr. John M. Denison and Huron Heights secondary Schools. Pickering College and Sacred Heart Catholic High are the other two institution within the town that offer high school education.