High schools in Aurora ON

Aurora, ON is an educational hub with way over 50 recognized educational institutions including top-performing high schools and university preparatory colleges. As such, it is very popular with families and couples with young kids who want the best education for their young one in a family-friendly community. Below are some of the most popular high schools in Aurora Ontario:

Aurora High School

Aurora High School, located at 155 Wellington St W,  is among the only five public high schools in Aurora and one of the only two in the town that is manned by YRDSB. Aurora High enrolls students from 9th grade to 12th grade and is popular for its outstanding French immersion program.

Originally, Aurora High was constructed in the late 1880s on Wells Street. The school building was later reconstructed in 1923 to accommodate more students, but as fate would have it, the student population soon outgrew the schools holding capacity. A new building which currently operates as an independent school under Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School was built as an extension of Aurora High school.  The current establishment that is Aurora High School was opened in 1972 at 155 Wellington Street W with a student capacity of around 1500 students. Parts of the school initial building are currently part of the popular Wells Street Lofts residential complex.

Aurora High School is one of the dominant schools in terms of academics and sports performances within the York region, making it one of the most sought after institution in Ontario. Famous Alumni from Aurora High School include famous actress Christine Horne, and CBC’s John-Michael Scapin.

Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School

Dr. G.W. Williams, located at 39 Dunning Avenue, is among the only five public high schools in Aurora and one of the only two in the town that is manned by YRDSB with the second one being Aurora High School. The school is one of the town’s top performers and has a student capacity of over 1300 despite the reduced student population in the past few years. Enrollment starts from 9th grade to 12th grade and the curriculum accommodates all kinds of students including those with special needs and/or talents. The school was formerly housed in what was initially Wells Street Public School’s building before the construction of the current buildings on Dunning Avenue in the early 1950s.

Other top institutions include Cardinal Carter Catholic High School, St. Andrew’s College, and St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic High School among others.