High schools in Ajax ON

Ajax ON is a well-established bedroom community of Toronto that attracts many families with school-going children. As such, the town is home to many schools including some of Ontario’s most coveted high schools that boast of great performances in academics and other school-related activities. These schools produce graduates who are ready to join colleges as well as the work industry and produce results. Below are some of Ajax’s top high schools:

Ajax High School

Located at 105 Bayly St E, Ajax High School is one of the town’s oldest secondary schools which date back to the 1950s. The school serves students from 9th grade to 12th grade and considering its location in the heart of Ajax town, it is one of the most coveted educational institutions in town. The school serves a population of well over 1,100 students coming from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The school has a team of around 100 staff members committed to providing the learners with a safe and welcoming learning environment which is the backbone of the school’s long-lasting tradition of excellence. Being part of the DDSB, the school offers a very competitive curriculum featuring programs that prepare the students for both college education and the work industry. There are also plenty of co-curricular activities including full-range sports, arts and more. Ajax High School is definitely one of the choicest high schools in town.

Pickering High School

Pickering High is another top-rated public high school in Ajax, ON that always endeavors to produce college and work-ready graduates by making the best out of their highly engaging curriculums. Located at 180 Church St N, the school is part of the Durham District School Board and serves a massive student population of over 2000 student, the highest population of students within a public high school in town.

With a little over 120 staff members and a finely crafted curriculum, the school is dedicated to ensuring its graduates are ready to succeed in our ever-changing world. Pickering High School has a long lasting tradition of excellence in both academics and co-curricular activities.

Archbishop Denis O’Connor Catholic High School

Archbishop Denis O’Connor High School is a Catholic run-school located at 80 Mandrake St. This fine establishment which dates back to the mid-1960s features some of the latest leaning facilities in town and boasts of a great track record in academic and sports performances. The school’s students population is around 800 (grades 9–12) and reflects a society made of people from diverse backgrounds living together harmoniously.