Healthy food stores in Newmarket, ON

People living in area of Newmarket ON have started tilting towards organic food as more awareness is being created about eating healthy and chemical-free food. This has given rise to numerous health food stores that are spread throughout the town and are competing against each other in a bid to create a healthy community based on healthy foods and good nutrition. Below are some of the top-rated healthy food stores in Newmarket town and what they have to offer:

Nature’s Emporium

As far as healthy food products go, this giant organic food store which is located at 16655 Yonge Street is the most popular and best-rated store in town. Nature’s Emporium offers the best fresh organic produce, fruits, gluten-free pastries, meats, soups, salads and more. Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, Nature’s Emporium has a variety of food products for people with special dietary needs. There is also a section stocked with vitamins and natural supplements. Nature’s Emporium popularity goes beyond their product’s quality and variety into the quality of services and prices. It is the ultimate shopping destination for all health-conscious residents.

The Low Carb Grocery store

Despite being considered one of the most expensive health food stores in town, The Low Carb Grocery store which is located at 17730 Leslie Street within the York Medical Health Centre offers a variety of quality hard-to-find products that most other local health food store don’t have. The store is very perfect for someone looking for one or two products. Some of the things they have include thousands of popular low carb food options like low carb bread, low carb pancakes, low carb bagels and lots of low carb diets. The store has a very knowledgeable staff and opens from 10 am to 6 pm all week long.

Popeye’s Supplements

This is a healthy food store in Newmarket that specializes in selling quality natural supplement and vitamins. Located within the Yonge-Davis Centre at 17480 Yonge Street, the store is the perfect shopping destination if you are looking for variety, quality, affordability and plenty of advice to go with your prescriptions. Popeye’s Supplements opens from 9 am to 9 pm.


GNC also deals in selling supplements and vitamins plus an additional of other natural products including herbs, healthy teas, organic snacks, and drinks. It is located at 17600 Yonge Street within Upper Canada Mall and opens from 10 am to 9 pm throughout the week.