Health food stores in Uxbridge, ON

A healthy lifestyle is something that we all try to achieve especially with the ongoing sensitization and the effects of poor eating habits. Eating healthy means you get to stay away from most if not all kinds of lifestyle diseases and your body gets healthier and stronger as well. In a bid spread this awareness and help the people of area of Uxbridge Ontario make the right lifestyle choices, food stores within the township are dedicated to offering all kinds of organic and natural foods products, vitamins, supplements and advice that is needed to help you stay on track. Below is a list of some of the top-selling health food stores in Uxbridge, ON and what they have to offer:

Today’ Natural Solutions Health Store

With a perfect five-star rating on Google, Today’ Natural Solutions Health Store is one of the leading health food stores in Uxbridge and some of their products a wide selection of supplements and vitamins, organic fast foods, meal replacement shakes, herbal products, green teas, and more. The store opens all week from 10 am to 7 pm and is operated by a team of very friendly and knowledgeable staff members who will patiently guide you back to healthy ways using their natural products. the store is located at 307 Toronto Street, South.

Vince’s Market Uxbridge

This is a farmer’s market kind of store in Uxbridge that sells fresh organic products like fruits, veggies, and other products. They also sell meat, pastries, fresh food, a variety of baked goods, smoothies and coffee. The products are a little bit overpriced but that is the cost you have to pay to live a healthy life.


Zehrs is another giant organic grocery store in Uxbridge that offers quite a long list of organic food products including fresh naturally grown veggies, fruits, canned products, spices and more. They also sell wines, beers, and cider and their pharmacy section are fully stocked with all sorts of vitamins and supplements. The store is located 323 Toronto Street and opens from 7 am to around 11 pm all week long.

Bulk Barn

This is a small and relatively new Food products supplier in Uxbridge that specializes in selling a wide selection of food products including healthy food options, supplements, and vitamins. Some of their products are spices, snacks, piñatas, nuts, drinks & drink mixes, dried fruits, baked goods, chocolate, coffee, teas, cereals and grains, candy, beans and more. Bulk Barn is located at 304 Toronto Street South and is open all week long.