Health food stores in Richmond Hill, ON

Organic and natural foods have become an industry by themselves in the food business with organic grocery stores and health food store becoming more and more popular every day especially in large cities like area of Richmond Hill, ON. But why is organic food better for you than the food in supermarkets?

Organic food, for starters, is food that doesn’t use any modern-day synthetic inputs. Meaning farm products are not grown using chemicals like chemically altered fertilizer or pesticides and the meat doesn’t have any hormone additives or antibiotics. In other words, organic is 100% natural and unprocessed food.

Regular commercial produce and meat are produced by bigger commercial farms whose goal is to produce as much possible for the least amount of cost. As a result, these farms use pesticides and chemical fertilizers on their plants and feed their animals the cheapest animal feeds available; both practices lead to the production of poor and unhealthy products which are not ideal for human consumption.

Richmond Hill, ON is a big city with a big population and as such, the city has a large number of Health food stores that are increasingly becoming popular as the awareness for healthy living becomes the talk of the day. Below are some of the city’s top health food stores:

Down To Earth Natural Foods Inc.

Down To Earth is a health food store located within Elgin Mills Centre that sells all sorts of supplements, vitamins, natural herbs, natural food products and more. The store has above average customer service and the attendants are very knowledgeable about the products they sell and are always ready to offer professional advice or recommendations without pressuring the clients into buying their products. They also order products that their clients need but are not available which makes the store a lifesaver at the very least.

Healthy Planet Richmond Hill

This is another Richmond Hill-based health food store that is located within a mall-Richmond Heights. The store specializes in selling a variety of ready to eat snacks/foods, supplements, vitamins and other natural products that go hand-in-hand with healthy living. Their services and prices are great though the lines tend to be a little bit long during the rush hours.

Organic Planet Health

This is a family-run health food store that is well stocked with great organic food options, a long selection of natural health products like herbs and teas, vitamins and supplements among other things. The owner is very passionate and knowledgeable about the products they have and is always offering recommendation and prescriptions were necessary.