Health food stores in Oshawa ON

We all know that the ingredients for a healthy and fit body are healthy foods combined with a little of supplements, vitamins, and exercises. As such, the need for health food and supplements stores has been in the rise within the last decade or two and the city of Oshawa, ON has not been left behind in this movement. Below are top-rated health food stores in area of Oshawa Ontario that offer top-notch services and products to the local residents in a bid to cultivate the basis of a healthy community which is healthy eating.

S & H Health Foods

Conveniently located within the majestic Oshawa center super mall, S & H Health Foods is one of the city’s leading health food stores offering a bit of everything. There are different herbs which are mostly sold at one pound per bag, different varieties of teas from virtually every tea-growing part of the world and hundreds of supplements and vitamins. Although some of the attendants are not very knowledgeable about most of the stuff they sell, this store is great if you know what you are looking for.

Vitamin Plus

This is another well-established health food store located at 250 Taunton Rd E that features rows and rows of well organize supplements and vitamins. The store offers unbeatable prices and everything you buy comes with free information and direction for use from the attendants. The staff offers quick help in locating what you need and proposing possible alternatives for what they don’t have in stock. Though Vitamin Plus has been serving locals for less than a decade, it is slowly becoming one of the go-to health food stores in Oshawa.


Also located within Oshawa Center supermall, GNC is another leading health food store offering a long list of the latest supplements, meal-replacement shakes, and vitamins. The store has been operating in the city for the last few years and it has gained some popularity due to their relaxed prices and good quality of products.

Your Good Health

This is yet another Oshawa Center-based Vitamin & supplements store that is dedicated to offering the locals a reliable location where they can get all kinds of supplements and vitamins at the best prices.

Vitamin & supplements store

Last on the list is Vitamin & supplements store which is located at 540 King St W Unit 1B. This popular Vitamin and supplements store features a team of very educated and friendly staff who are always willing to help you find what you need from their maze of shelves. They offer a good variety of products and their prices are quite fair.