Gyms in Uxbridge, ON

There are numerous aspects to look out for if you are contemplating joining a gym or a fitness center Uxbridge, ON. Some gyms, not necessarily in Uxbridge, come with all sorts of tricks to make you sign long term contracts and do really nothing to encourage you to stay or workout in their facilities afterward. Others pose as top-of-the-line facilities and charge hefty fees for a simple membership plan only to disappoint you with substandard services. As such, it is very important that you conduct thorough research when looking for a genuine Gym that will cater to all your needs and give you exactly what you pay for.

Luckily, people living in area of Uxbridge ON have access to some of the best gyms and workout facilities which are not only dedicated to helping their clients get the best out of their facilities but also ethical subscription plans that are not meant to exploit their clients. Below is a list of some of the top gyms and fitness centers in Uxbridge Township:

Anytime Fitness

This is a 24-hour fitness facility in the heart of Uxbridge that offers state-of-the-art equipment, effective workout regimens, professional trainers and fitness coaches, fitness groups and more. The Gym also offers affordable membership subscription plans and the staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and body goals at any cost. With 24-hour flexibility and ease of access, Anytime Fitness is one of the best fitness centers in Uxbridge for both professionals and amateurs. The facility is located at 304 Toronto Street, South.

Body Fit Health Club and Sports Performance Centre

This is another highly rated Uxbridge in located at 141 Reach Street that has established itself as one of the people’s favorites within the township. With their wide variety of cardio equipment, workout machines, and free weights, Body Fit Health Club and Sports Performance Centre is a hotspot for people looking to shed some weight and stay fit. The Gym opens from around 5 am and runs till a little before midnight.

NRG 4 Life Fitness

This is facility offers fitness classes and group training which are very motivating especially for people with low esteem and drive. They also offer access to cardio, strength training, and bodybuilding equipment and their prices are downright affordable. NRG 4 Life Fitness is located at 284 Main Street, North.

Other popular local gyms in Uxbridge Township and the surrounding areas include Curves Uxbridge, Real Bodies, Uxbridge Strength & Conditioning, Shenderey Gymnastics, In Goode Health, and CrossFit Scugog.